As a walk-behind plows?

Motoblock is the most popular technical tool that is used by vacationers on private farms for the cultivation of the soil.This was facilitated by the simple device of such units, and the relatively high quality of tillage.However, to get a decent result in progress, you must know how to walk-behind plows and how to handle it.Additions designs auxiliary attachments also extends the functionality of the models, while forcing users to study in detail and operating in a special mode.

As walk-behind plows?

During tillage involves special cutter - working bodies directly engaged in loosening.Another important element is the opener, which allows you to adjust the depth of treatment.As a rule, the restriction opener reaches 25 cm. Understanding how to plow behind tractor allow optimally adjust the level on which will handle the ground.Rotating blades are driven by a drive mechanism, which can be different - diesel, gasoline or electric.Such a system can be called automatically, but considerable responsibility for the quality of the work and responsibility of the user, which not only makes the initial adjustment mechanisms and controls the parameters of plowing, but also controls the motor-block during loosening.

Running motoblock

Before proceeding with the cultivation of the land, you must engage the clutch, put the shift knob to "neutral", start the engine and let it warm up a little.The answer to the question of how to plow tillers, almost always involves the installation recommendations optimum speed at which the drive will be capable of operating blades.This parameter will determine the nature of the soil treatment.The normal speed for cultivation is the second - it is recommended to perform the processing of the soil of average quality.The number of revolutions can be changed during operation, but it should be controlled by changing parameters belt transmission.Correction usually takes place when the depth of treatment or as a result of transfer equipment to another type of soil.

Setting processing

If you intend processing of virgin land, it is advisable to install a small depth and feel how the machine is able to cope with the soil.After processing small piece of land, you must define "comfortable" depth.Knowing how to walk-behind tractor plowing the land with the specific density and composition, will set the optimum position of mills and accordingly adjust the opener.Equally important is the width of loosening, which must be configured by installing multiple rotating blades or rotors.Their number in the standard modes of operation may vary from 2 to 6. It happens that the engine unit starts to increase turnover while reducing the depth at which the processing is carried out.In this case, you bury yourself opener.

work with plow

presence in the construction of two-wheel tractor plow significantly expands its capabilities.To understand how to plow to plow tillers, you must first become familiar with its assembly procedure, which involves the installation of this element of the coupling mechanism.

hitch with the plow in the future will help to make the connection with the motor-block elements.To perform this task will require appropriate wrenches and fasteners.At this stage necessary to determine and fix the depth.This is done by matching the holes in the hub coupling device with one of the holes on the front plow - Mount carried bolt and nut.Then you can check out how to plow behind tractor pliable soil and if mechanisms demonstrate proper operation, you are ready to complete cultivation in the area.

process of cultivation

Making sure that all operating elements secured, you can start plowing.Although the basic processing time of the earth will be in second gear, and it is important to know how the plow motor-block in first gear.To do this, gently squeezed the clutch and set the optimum position of the vehicle.In this mode it is working on the first furrow.As a result of "test" cultivation possible to draw conclusions on the need for adjustments.

If the machine has stopped moving forward and buried the cutter, it is necessary to raise his arms and force to bring to level position.Often it happens and deviations in the side - is gone, which usually take place in the furrows that have already been subjected to cultivation.Hence, it may be a different question - how to plow the tillers, rotary blades to not go into the ground?To help in this can only appropriate manipulation handles.Unfortunately, careful control should be in any soil.For example, on loose ground is necessary to make sure that the cutter does not dive too deep, and in the processing of hard soil and virgin lands and may need to perform several approaches.The first treatment is desirable to perform at low speeds, it is important to properly adjust and position the opener.


lot of questions about how to properly plow tillers, will help solve the specific knowledge of the design model of the unit.It is also necessary to take into account safety, as walk-behind is a technical tool, whose work is linked to the rotation of sharp elements - rotors, cutters, knives and so on. D.

First we need to make sure that the area available for processing, no childrenor animals.Then check all the locking components - particularly at the mills and rotors.If the model is equipped with a high-voltage wires and the exhaust pipe, then touch them during the work impossible.It is also recommended to plow the garden motor-block in the appropriate gear.In particular, the elements must have a rugged outerwear, footwear with a hard sole and gloves.When processing at the intersection of sites and soils with a stony soil should be especially careful while driving in reverse.In view of the irregularities of the treated area the risk of slipping or tripping is significantly increased.