What to write the girl is like a social network.

Recently, young people are much easier to look for a life partner, not leaving the house, or more simply on the Internet.Gone into oblivion those times when love each other wrote touching letters and love notes passed through the ranks in the classroom.Now it's time for new technologies.And instead of being tormented that girl write that like on paper, the guys are smskami services and numerous social networks.

People come up and offer more dating sites where you can find a companion for the evening, hobby, friend, and, possibly, love.Now the guys are tormented by the question "what to write or girl VKontakte and classmates."These acquaintances often lead to positive results and based on them, even having a family.So do not fret, that girl write in sms or contact, be easier, this same communication, as well as in person, but at first the two of you have a head start because of the fact that each other can not see.

In any case, if you liked a girl, you have studied the length and breadth of her profile, we watched all the photo and her bright face haunts you at night, do not be timid, to act.But first understand what you expect from this acquaintance - easy online communication, strong friendship or romantic relationship in real life.On this basis, it will be necessary to build a further conversation.

If you do not know what to write the girl you like, feel free to start with a trivial "hello."It is not necessary to become a regular visitor of various pick-up forums that offer certain cliché to communicate with different girls, depending on the situation.Better to just be yourself and offered her until normal communication.If the girl is set to explore, it will begin to correspond with you without any cunning tricks and buzzwords.Only it depends on you, who will present it on the other side of the screen, and then after you might want a personal meeting.Imagine if she personally does not see the person who represents many months.The frustration in this case, it can not be avoided and, consequently, you too.

sure before starting a new acquaintance, adjust your profile.Look, if you have any grammatical errors - many girls do not like guys are illiterate.Re-sort the photos, get rid of albums depicting all sorts of after-dinner get-togethers and more.Much more she learns about you by looking at a photo from a holiday, a trip or an interesting telling about your hobbies.

If you do not know what to write the girl you like, just please create a friendly conversation with her.You do not need to make any vulgar allusions to express categorical judgments or rude.Be polite, friendly and interesting.Woman Ask around about her life, hobbies, friends, sphere of activity, about how she likes to spend time and so on.Perhaps you immediately find common ground to continue the dialogue goes like clockwork.If you wish to continue to earn a personal meeting with the girl you like, you have to prove himself as an interesting person and a good conversationalist.And when you ask for her phone number, she is not exactly deny.And then goodbye and close.Maybe it is your destiny?

If you do not know what to write the girl you like, most importantly, remember that the universal instructions acquaintance through the Internet does not exist.After all, the standard approach in the affairs of the soul is not appropriate.We must learn to feel the other person to understand his desires and be able to be fit without imposing.Everyone - individuality, and to find an approach to it, you must work hard.The main thing is do not be afraid.