Pilates for Beginners

Pilates - is a complex exercise, which, unlike the classic fitness, involved deep muscles.This complex develops the joints, giving them the flexibility and mobility, relieves stress, both physical and psychological.

Pilates gymnastics is very popular all over the world, even more than we can say that this is one of the most popular to date fitness programs.This system of healing for over a hundred years.But despite such a venerable age, these exercises are still relevant today.

Pilates for Beginners - is the surest way to regain shape, lose weight.In addition, with this gym, you can get rid of the pain in the back, quite successfully fight arthritis, remove the postpartum belly.

But before you begin to engage in the program, "Pilates for Beginners", it is advisable to understand the basic requirements that apply to this set:

- primarily clothing for employment should be free and easy, in no case do not constrainmovements;

- need to engage in bare feet;

- nothing there for an hour before and after school;

- you need to learn how to properly and effectively perform all the exercises for beginners, and only then allowed to go to the first level of complexity.

Now, analyze, directly exercise fitness system "Pilates for Beginners".Each of them is to be performed within one minute and more than ten times.Do whatever is necessary to smooth, no sudden movements, and in the case of fatigue stop immediately.Immediately it can be difficult, but then you are addicted, get used to it, and the muscles become more trained.Pilates for Beginners strengthen the spine and the press, and you can go to a higher level.

should begin with a warm-up:

- supine position, pull your knees to your chest, clasping their hands.Strain your abdominal muscles do smoothly and deeply inhale and exhale;

- lying on his back, arms at the shoulders, abdominal muscles tense, your knees together.Turn them right and left, do not forget about a deep breath and exhale.

These exercises aim at all voltage abdominal muscles, but a good warm up and back muscles.

After the above stage warming up move to the next exercise:

- supine position, under the head cushion, legs bent at the knees, his hands under his head.Inhale - and exhale deeply we raise the upper body, and then again a breath - and go back to its original position.

Important in this exercise is that the stomach must be in uniform tension.Here are involved muscles of the upper body and arms should be completely relaxed.

strengthen the muscles of the lower abdomen as follows:

- supine position, pad under the buttocks, legs raised, knees bent, hands behind his head.Retract the belly and lift the hips, with a deep breath, then return to starting position.

In this case, again strained abdominal muscles.The head and hands should be in a relaxed state.These Pilates exercises to perform at home is very convenient.They are clear and uncomplicated as intended for beginners.At first glance, they may seem simple, but do not overload yourself, especially at the initial stage.Do not bring themselves to exhaustion.

Gymnastics pilates - this is a means of maintaining the figure and the whole body in good condition.Through the exercises worked out such deep muscles that are difficult to get to work during normal aerobics.

Gymnastics Fitness Program "Pilates" unique in that they are suitable for everybody, regardless of weight class, and even those who are disabled weight training.This gym is used even for the rehabilitation of patients after a major operation.