As nails grow quickly: tips

Many women are familiar with this problem: as soon as the nails grow more or less in length, they start to exfoliate and break.As a result, account for all the beauty shear and try a new way to grow nails.Those who have already faced this problem, know firsthand how difficult it is to achieve the desired result.Today we'll talk about how to grow your nails quickly and that it should be aware.

Nails - like any other portion of the body, in constant need of care.If we cease to care for them, they become more painful and vulnerable.It is up to the care largely depends on the length and nail.If they break down and exfoliate, it says that it something is missing.In particular this applies to vitamins such as A, E and B do not know how fast nails grow, enter in your diet foods rich in these vitamins.If you manage to make up for the lack of them in the body, it is likely that your nails will become stronger and more stable.

very often fail to grow nails because their condition affects the existence of any disease.It has long been observed that the disease of various organs leave their imprint on the nail plate.It becomes a thin, it looks weak and painful.How under these circumstances can grow strong nails?To identify the disease, will have to see a doctor.Usually after a full recovery nails come in order, and all of their ailments disappear.

Grow fast long nails can not and for many other reasons.For example, if you carelessly do all the housework.To protect the nails from the adverse effects of chemicals is required to spend all of the work in rubber gloves.Never try to use your nails as tools for unsealing bottles vykovyrivaniya no small parts, etc.It is clear that after all this, they will begin to exfoliate and break.Since you have decided to make their great length, then please do all the work with care.Of course, this does not mean that you do not have to do anything.

Since nails grow quickly - it's half the battle, it is important to provide them with proper care.Timely manicure, do not allow the regrowth of the cuticle and detachment of the free edge of the nail.If you notice that they start to exfoliate, try to make them a little shorter.Of course, this only saves time, because if you start peeling, this necessarily need to start to fight.Start making trays for nails.They can be with sea salt, decoction of chamomile, a few drops of iodine or lemon juice.These baths will strengthen the nail plate and make it more resistant to external influences.Nails can receive medical treatment in any beauty salon, but do not forget that all of this costs money.

Make sure your nails are sometimes rest from varnish.That is why periodically flush it and leave the nails are not painted a few days.Even if you use the most expensive paint, he still could have a negative impact on the state of your nails.

Many ask this question: "How nails grow very quickly?".Make it faster than nature wants it, just do not get.Every man, this process occurs in different ways: someone nails grow slowly, and someone on the contrary, quickly.Of course, to try to expedite the process can be, for example, by having recourse to the help of popular recipes.Here's one:

decoction of herbs for food and nail growth

2 tablespoons of ready mix chamomile, St. John's wort, and burdock root pour one cup of boiling water and infuse.Dipped in the broth supernatant fingers for 10-15 minutes.Carry out the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Well, let's summarize.Since grow rapidly nails - it is a whole range of activities, work should be over by the following: change your diet, be examined for the presence of diseases (if your nails look really very unhealthy), to provide nails with proper care, consisting of baths, periodic failure of varnishing and applicationpopular recipes.