Flag of Italy.

one of three characters of state is the flag.Typically, the color of the flag, its size, shape, coat of arms or in the presence of other characters, even in the way it looks is a reflection of the country's history.

possible origin of the flag colors

Italy - a country of ancient.Here was born the whole European civilization, there were wars, there were new countries.And all this in some way reflected the flag of Italy.History of the final version of the public character has no unambiguous interpretation.Tricolor - the colors of green, white, red - are interpreted in different ways.There are playful expressions ("colored paste, herbs and tomatoes"), there are strict and solemn - justice, equality, fraternity.White and green are often compared with the snow and the valleys of Italy.And sometimes associated with the red color of blood, shed for the liberation and unification of the country's favorite.

Appearance of the Italian flag

The national flag of Italy represents the panel of three equal parts and colorful (the ratio of the lengths of the sides - 2: 3).The official interpretation is as follows: green (the first from the flagpole) symbolizes faith, white - hope, red - love.It sounds nice and symbolic for this fun, melodious and sunny country.Who are arranged vertically, in the original version they were horizontal.Whatever the origin version banner, it is undeniable that the white and red colors were characteristic of state symbols from ancient times.In Italy, the most revered saint - Ambrose of Milan (Mediolanum - Milan in ancient times), Baptist St. Augustine.Lifetime his authority was so great that this figure to influence public policy.Along with Jerome Stridon, Aurelius Augustine and Gregory the Great, he refers to the great teachers of the Latin Church.As bishop of Milan, Ambrose enjoyed boundless respect, trust and love folk.His cross was composed of two colors - white and red, and then they moved to the heraldic colors of Milan, the color of the form defenders of law and order which was green.

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first appearance

current flag of Italy for the first time appeared in the form of banner Lombard Legion in 1796.Different from modern banner of it only a square shape.His appearance was preceded by a very tragic event.Italy itself at that time was not, and the Apennine peninsula was covered with numerous disparate kingdoms and counties.Many of them were under the strict control of the Papal States.The northern city of Bologna famous for its oldest university, founded in 1088.Here and began student riots in 1794, Napoleon was still considered a liberator, and university students are literally praying for him.The two leaders of the uprising - Luigi Dzamboni (by some accounts, he initially acted in the interests of Bonaparte) and Giovanni Battista De Rolandis - led insurgency composed anthem and came up with tape-cockade of the French type, but with the national colors - green, white and red.The leaders of the uprising were tragically killed.But soon Italy was conquered by Napoleon, and the characters - ceremonially reburied on Mount Montagnola.And the colors of the flag - the symbol of the rebellion - moved to the flag.

Other options Origin flag

But not everyone agrees with the romantic version and argue that the flag of Italy (according to V. Fiorini, a famous musician) has incorporated color as a credible then Milan.There are quite prosaic options: that when the symbol of the revolution was necessary to raise the spirit of his stitched flushed patriot from scrap pieces of material, in fact, is not guided by any rules.

Under the auspices of the French are beginning to create new public education.For small area Morena, Reggio, Bologna and Ferrara reunited and formed in 1796 Tsispadanskuyu (located on this side of the river Po) of the Republic, which became the national flag tricolor tricolor with vertical stripes have.A little later it became part of the Kingdom of Emilia-Romagna.In the same year, the Senate adopted the banner of the Bologna official.

first appearance of the final version of

Even then, at the end of the XVIII century, the banner of this small republic looked exactly the same as the flag of Italy right now, today.Time passed, and the consolidation of small principalities by merging them continued.In 1797 the Cisalpine Republic was formed, composed of the states located on both sides of the river Po - Tsispadenskoe and Transpadenskoe.Flag remained the same.In 1802, the newly formed country was renamed the Republic of Italy, in 1805 - in the Kingdom of Italy, which added to Napoleon the title of the monarch.It was not until the fall of the empire of Bonaparte.

revived flag of Italy in the glorious era of the Risorgimento (literally - "rebirth") - the era of the country's liberation from the Austrian occupation (this time is devoted to the novel Ethel Lilian Voynich "Gadfly") and further unification.However, on the white cloth of the coat of arms of the House of Savoy appeared because Italy, because of the actions of the Liberal Party of the Risorgimento, became again the monarchical state.Giuseppe Garibaldi, did so much for the liberation of the country belonged to the democratic wing, who fought for Italy to remain a republic.The official emblem of the House of Savoy was abolished only in 1946.And in the time of Mussolini on the national flag was different symbols - on a white ground was depicted fast (or Fashio, hence the name of fascism).

modern history of the flag

What is the flag of Italy at the moment?Since 1946, he has not changed.In 2005, laws were passed to prevent abuse of the flag with a fine for violation from 1000 to 1500 euros, and for the commission of the acts in a public place - up to 10,000 in the same currency.The Italians, with their temperament, like everything connected with their homeland.The colors of the Italian flag are everywhere - from decorations culinary dishes to interior design, furniture and clothing.Needless banner decorated with a lot of terraces just not during the holidays.

In the world there are several state flags, very similar to the Italian state flag.On this banner colors Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Mexico and Ireland.The last two are similar and even on the direction of bands - they are vertical.Most of the Italian flag, photos of which can be seen in the article recalls the Irish, the only difference in shades of red.