How to learn to do the splits

Many people watching different acrobats, once in your life wondering about how to do the splits.The result of spontaneous impulses to master such an exercise tended to be all sorts of injuries, such as strains, sprains or fractures.Perhaps the knowledge of how to properly do the splits, would be able to prevent similar troubles.

actually master this trick is not difficult as it may seem at first glance.Just for this, and indeed, to any other cause, must be approached responsibly.Before you learn to do the splits need to understand its essence.Acrobats, dancers, artists and other people who know how to perform this action are probably the most important condition for this - a strong, flexible and elastic muscles compared with ordinary people.It is interesting that the representatives of these professions usually have excellent health.This can be explained by the fact that they were before, how to learn to do the splits and other exercises, long train, so that the body gets the flexibility of the spine becomes more sturdy muscles are always in good shape, but the salt deposits in the joints generally can not bespeech.The flexibility of posture becomes more beautiful, refined, and improved coordination of movements.

In the world there are many different directions in dance.Eastern, Latin, classical and other types of dance are some complex movements, the development of which is impossible without some preparation, such as how to learn to do the splits.With this skill all the dance moves, even the most difficult, will become considerably easier.And for the athletes like the ability to be useful so that the muscles become more trained and have much less prone to stretching and tearing.

Before you learn to do the splits, you must realize that training can last long enough, depending on the capabilities of the organism.You should also decide on the time when the classes will be held and well stick with it, without missing once.On how regular and consistent exercise will be carried out, and the result depends entirely on the speed of its achievement.

to while stretching the muscles do not hurt, they should be preheated.To achieve the desired effect will help some of the exercises, which are often found in the aerobics.A more pleasant way is a warm bath to help relax.In this case, it should be noted that the water should not be hot.After the bath, the muscles become more prepared for training.The main exercise is to kick their feet.Standing on one leg, the other upgrades are carried out to the maximum height.This back and legs must remain straight.At first glance there is nothing difficult, but after the beginning of the movement may seem that such actions are very complex.This suggests that the body is not quite ready.The most important thing at this stage - do not cease to work.The next exercise is more difficult last, but no less effective.It lies in the slopes.One leg should be placed on a surface at waist level and try to get his hands socks to the second leg.Several repetitions necessarily lead to a positive result, then it is necessary to change feet.At the end of your workout, you can try to perform a longitudinal or transverse split.Red light for training can only be the emergence of severe pain.If you stick to the daily, the body quickly gets used to the loads that should be increased gradually, and in a few weeks will see the progress.