What if a man does not like and does not let go?

relationship between a man and a woman - the theme of multi-faceted and complex, as the Union play an important role both partners, and each of them has its own character and outlook on life.When couples are going well, no issues come up.But in life there are situations rather ambiguous.

subject of our today's conversation - the psychology of the relationship of man to woman, he the one hand shows his indifference on the other - does not release darling.Everyone in this league has a hard time.A man often feels guilty for the lack of love and beloved woman - does not understand why he does not take responsibility for the decision to disband.Both find no place, life becomes bleak.

What a woman feels?

What did I do if a man does not like and does not let go?First, try to understand the range of feelings.If there is love, more affection, a relationship to save, of course, possible.But whether they are needed or both partners and will continue to exist in women's initiative?

Intuition, and together with it and common sense should prompt the right answer.There are thousands of examples where the man left after a similar stage of relations with the woman, changing for the better, and the couple did not leave until the end of life.But there is also statistics on cases where this tactic in what good does not result, and soon dispersed partners.Rather than be tormented and beat my head against the wall in search of an answer to the question of what to do if the man said, "I do not like", try first of all to gather his thoughts and realize that you yourself feel to it.What you just said loudly: wounded pride, hurt pride or love?Based on this and the need to make a decision.

habit and nothing more

Most often the man does not let a woman, because he was used to it, and it's so convenient.In general, such an act characterizes him as an egotist and insecure person.For their own comfort a man willing to neglect the feelings partner.If you understand what is definitely a fall-back option for him, so do not let yourself humiliated.Every woman deserves to feel love and mutually enjoy this feeling with her man.If he can not give it, relationships are meaningless.

general problem of the husband in a woman's life - to make her happy, protect, assist in difficult situations.Life is too short to waste it on unnecessary people who do not appreciate you.Your man will certainly meet and give an unforgettable joy of mutual love.

Fear of being alone

If a man does not like and does not let go, you may be too much to forgive him, and he felt all the charm of impunity.At the same time, he often behaves a little haughty, strongly indicating that he find a partner - not a problem.That you have to think, how to live.Plus, often words of humiliation toward women such as: "Who do you want", "but who will look at you" and so on. N. And it does not matter what is actually a woman's appearance and personal qualities.It may be a written beauty, excellent hostess and successful in life.Why not let a man a woman?Because he is afraid to be alone.A derogatory phrase admits because he hates in himself what others say.On the face of the deep centers, the main one - of inferiority and self-doubt.Do I need a man there, if he is also helpless as a child?

owner by nature

Many unions and families are on the principle that the girl had a good, economical, and that's married.And when life appears more attractive woman immediately begin to think in a marriage of love and was not, and here - there.And emerging love triangle: a husband loves his wife, he loves his mistress, and that - in the hope that met their fate, as a rule, about his marital status does not even know.

If by nature a man the owner is not endowed with a conscience by nature and education, it will be all sorts of ways to keep the two ladies beside him.In addition, each of them will hear the masterly speech about how hard it is necessary to be torn.In such situations, the men manage to bind the chosen ones of two promises insane explanations of what is happening and vows to love each of them.This is the psychology of the relationship of man to woman.

Lady taking matters into their own hands

When the family drama unfolds in a similar scenario, the decision what to do next, should take a wife.It should not frighten or stop having children, joint living space and other property "acquired by overwork".The main thing in a situation, if a man does not like and does not let go, to let him know that his wife is not his own, as well as children, and everything else is necessary to divide the law.Tolerate antics of her husband in the hope that he senses and realize what an invaluable gift of making the wife presented him back, not worth it.It can last forever, and you are wasting your life waiting for a miracle.In addition, men are so arranged that a few of them voluntarily out of a good woman.

They look at life together, especially with age, very practical.If the hostess and clever - the house, the beautiful mistress, and can be found on the side.This is commonly called a vent.


If you are lucky, the husband turned out to be the instigator of such a situation, you need to show him that you are eligible for a full life.You will not accept a partial version of the meet your needs.Often men are seeing a similar mindset, begin to take effect.It is not always their vector is directed at preserving family.If a man says he does not like, so your husband, he will not be.It can be a father to his children, to help financially, but access to your body, and especially to the heart forever closed.

not commit such acts

Many women make a very common mistake - continue an intimate relationship with her husband, unaware of his infidelity and the presence of a third person.First, if he still sees you as an object for sex, so it can serve as a powerful lever of influence on future relations.If you stop proximity, or just leave it as it makes no sense to stay, or make efforts to restore contact.Whatever the outcome, it is better than in limbo.

He confused ...

If a man does not like and does not let go, is that it really confused.Life is unpredictable, it happens that people fall in love.Perhaps influenced by the situation, the circumstances so agreed or persistent lady met.

Lawless Heart - yes, but that people are able to control their actions.If you do not look for meetings with the object of sympathy, and to try not to think about it, it is likely to be no problems, and the flames of violent relationships sparks passions flare up.But men are very susceptible to temptations.It is easier to resist the temptation - or rather more difficult to resist.These are weak-willed creatures.Many are either having a family or children are not confused.

Give advice

But if your man is entangled in their feelings, help him understand them.Of course, if he asks for it, and a human being will go to a frank conversation.If there is no reproach on his part, it's all your fault, that's good.A man can confess to adultery, but clarified that this helped him realize how much he loves his wife.Yes, the situation is just not worth it to let go.Originally it should teach him a lesson.For example, begin to devote himself more time to spend on their own needs amount you'd never imagine not allowed, do look, to change the image, pay attention to personal interests.This behavior shows that you are willing to be there only with the man who will appreciate you and take into account your views.Interests of the family in this period better sideline.Seeing what you have become well-groomed, enthusiastic and inspired, spouse, most likely, you will start to win again.


Whatever the situation may happen in your life, you should not think that just because you are - a weak and fragile woman, you have no right to take the key decisions.Only the individual can choose which way to go, and how he step.Husband or lover, of course, have a great impact on the lives of women, but they are part of it.We can not tolerate any antics partner, but would not be alone.It will only lead to an unhappy life, which becomes meaningless.To avoid this, respect and love yourself, then any man who met on the way, there is nothing left but to apply to you as well.Be happy!