When can I apply the tax deduction for children?

For a long time the government sought to impose the population of their state taxes.Civilians must be at a certain time to bring the set amount of money a person whose duties include such records.

Tax collections of funds from the public and are held today.However, the procedure for the payment of these taxes much simpler (compared to the last time).Now the employer is responsible for the timeliness of payments, as they are made automatically from salaries of subordinates.The main tax levied this category of citizens - personal income tax.Lifeline, albeit small, for taxpayers are tax deductions, such as tax deduction for children.

Such deduction is made monthly (at a rate of 1400 rubles per child).However, this deduction will be made only to the moment when the amount of wages for the month did not step over the bar at 280 thousand rubles.It is noteworthy that parents of large families provided for the deduction of all children following the second in the amount of 3 thousand rubles.Tax deduction for children applies to children with disabilities and is 3 thousand rubles, but it is only until the day before the fumes are 18 years old.But if the child is a disabled group I or II, and trained at full-time, then the tax deduction for children of 3 thousand rubles parents can receive up to 24 years.

Today, the citizens of Russia have the full legal right to receive tax deductions relating to the four different categories.Standard to them, by the way, is a deduction on children include another 2 categories.This, for example, those awarded by the state, they can look forward to a deduction from the tax base of 500 rubles.Among the "lucky" and get people who have suffered as a result of accidents at Mayak and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.And, of course, are not left unattended disabled war veterans.They also rely 3000 rubles from personal income tax.

second category of social deductions.Tax deductions of this type can be obtained as a result of the training costs for full-time or treatment, but also because of costs in the non-governmental or voluntary insurance in different insurance companies.It is worth noting that for the calculation of the tax deduction on the amount of training costs should not exceed 50 thousand rubles.At the same time if both parents claim the deduction for a child, the sum of 50 thousand rubles will be divided equally between them.If we consider the waste for treatment, the upper threshold is 120 thousand rubles.

addition to the social standard and there are other types of tax deductions.One of them is the property deduction.Each taxpayer shall be entitled to reduce the cost to pay personal income tax on the sale of property or any other property values, is owned by no more than 3 years.The maximum amount for which you can reduce the tax base when calculating the tax is equal to 2 million rubles, but subject to special conditions.

last category of tax deductions - professional.Those lucky owners eligible for deduction are entrepreneurs, as well as persons who receive remuneration for their achievements in the fields of industry, science, art and literature.For the calculation of professional tax deductions should be documented right to receive them.