Romantic dinner

When preparing a romantic dinner for two, it is important to create a certain atmosphere.All must obey your chosen style.Before planning the menu Consider serving a romantic table.Use the bright red color in combination with white, or select a few gentle tones: pink, purple, blue.

white tablecloth looks too formal for a romantic dinner.It is possible to replace the shiny wrapping paper, cutting satin or sheer fabric.Pieces of the same fabric can serve as napkins.Originally looks as tablecloths transparent film under which beautifully arranged your photos, favorite poems, bright confetti, cards, pictures and other important things for you.Another option - to paint a transparent film with acrylic paints and create author tablecloth with napkins.As the bucket for champagne, you can use the right size vase glued colorful wrapping paper.Satin ribbon tie can be folded napkins, candles, legs glasses and cutlery.

Do not forget the candles, there may be any number, but do not have more than one light scented candles.So they can be present as a gift.Pack the candle in a transparent piece of paper or light fabric.For decoration, use a bow, satin olds.

for a romantic table decoration as elegant suit small gifts to each other.Very small gifts can be put in plates, pre-wrapped in paper.Cut two square pieces of decorative grid and put one on the other.Between the layers of randomly place the small gold stars, pre-cut from paper.A box with a gift, place the center of the grid, lift the edges and tie ribbons.

suitable for table utensils with delicate pastel shades and large floral motifs.Remember: pied utensils looks good on a white tablecloth or a monochromatic color, but seasoned in the overall color scheme with utensils.Plain plates win on patterned tablecloths.

choosing flowers to decorate the table, keep in mind not only the occasion and time of the year, but the proportion of the table, an assortment of dishes.Palette bouquet must comply with the overall color scheme of decoration.

Creative imagination and buy different colors: carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, not decorated in bouquets.You can create the floral arrangements yourself.For example, small bouquets can be placed in tall glasses and place on the table, on shelves, on a window sill.Rose petals can decorate plates or salads.Place in the center of the table a large platter or wide bowl with water, cut the stems of flowers in and let them swim with small candles.

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