The second labor of Hercules' Hydra Lernaean "

Centuries later, the myths of ancient Greece not to lose popularity among readers around the world.The most interesting is a series of stories about Hercules.For each of the twelve labors complicated separate myth."Lernaean hydra" - second labor of Hercules.

Who is Hercules?

Hercules - the most popular hero of Greek mythology.He is the son of the supreme god who lives on Mount Olympus - Zeus and wife of the hero of Amphitryon - Alcmene.Homer repeatedly remembers him in the "Iliad."

We have heard dozens of myths about Hercules and his exploits.The most popular and interesting is the cycle of the twelve labors of Hercules myths perpetrated when he was in the service of Evrisfeya, Mycenaean king and his cousin.

The cult of Hercules in Greece

Greece Hercules was a cult figure.His profile on the minted coins, recounted the adventure, all strong and resourceful people, too, compared with him.In Italy, the cult of Hercules spread by Greek colonists, but locals call him Hercules.

According to the myths of ancient Greece, the evil goddess Hera cast a Hercules terrible disease.Great hero became a madman.Deprived of reason, in a fit of rage, Hercules killed his own children, wives and children Iphicles - sibling.When the attack took place, the hero realized that committed a terrible murder, but it was too late.Deeply regretting and tormented by guilt, he still managed to purify the soul of the offense committed involuntarily.After this, Hercules went to the sacred mountains of Delphi to ask advice from Apollo.He ordered the hero to go to their native land of his ancestors - in Tiryns - and faithfully serve Eurystheus for twelve years.Hercules was predicted that he will find eternal life and youth, if you will make twelve incredible feats on orders Evrisfeya.The hero has agreed to become a servant of the poor and the wretched of the Mycenaean king.

"Lernaean hydra"

Myth "Lernaean hydra" is one of the most interesting in the cycle.You will be very interesting to read it.The second labor of Hercules - "Lernaean hydra" - tells the story of the hero fights with a terrible monster with nine heads of the dragon, one of which was immortal, and the body of a snake - the creation of Echidna and Typhon generated to kill Hercules.It was so toxic, that place that touches her body had nothing grew, and from the breath and smell perished all living things.

inhabit Lernaean hydra in the marsh, near the picturesque town of Lerna, who suffered greatly from the terrible creatures.The depth of the swamp like the Emperor Neuron measure, but to no avail: it turned out to be bottomless.For many travelers the swamp became the latest marina.Hydra Lernaean often devastated grace, fertile place, killing its inhabitants.Slay the monster could only true hero, and this Hercules did.

duel monsters Hercules and Athena

long pondered how can beat Heracles Lernaean hydra.After the hero has reached at Iolaus managed Lerna chariot, the goddess of wisdom pointed to the place where he lives a hydra, and advised to start up in a swamp monster flaming arrows to make him get out of the den.When he appeared, Hercules had to hold his breath.Hercules listened patroness.While Hydra Lernaean felt the danger was fed and ready for bed.Flaming arrows teased her and made to crawl out of the den.But Hydra obkrutila its powerful, slick and long legs around the body of the hero, trying to knock him down and strangled him, and nine horrific head began to hiss and breathe deadly poisons.Heracles more tightly wrapped in a lion's skin, which protects against stings and bites of any creature, and forcefully hitting a huge club over the heads of the monster, but in vain as he crush another one head, in its place immediately appeared a few new.Suddenly the hero felt terrible sharp pain in my leg: from the bottomless swamp to help Hydra crawled huge cancer.He clutched at the foot of Hercules, but he gathered all his strength, in a rage he crushed and called for help his nephew, Iolaus, who set fire to a small portion of the grove, and to have a hydra do not grow new heads, began to cauterize the place log on the necks of burning trunkstrees.

Hercules easily destroyed eight heads of the hydra, and finally got to the immortal head, which was almost all of the gold.When she fell to the ground, Hercules and Iolaus were buried are still alive and hissing hydra head deep into the ground, far from the road in Eleunt, and this place is piled on a very large rock.Torso monster Hercules chopped into pieces and dipped into his poisonous arrows of their bile, which could now be instantly kill anyone.With great pride and glory of the hero back to Tiryns, but Eurystheus has invented with the help of Hera for his new job.

Another option is the end of the myth

Some retellings also states that Hercules did bitten Hydra Lernaean naked, not covered with the skin of a place.Hero seriously ill and could die from the terrible poison.Hercules had no hope of a cure, but the oracle gave him a chance and ordered to find the magic flower in the East.As far as Phoenicia, Hercules found looks like a hydra lotus flower which miraculously cured him.

this Herculean task, not only cleansed their souls by a terrible crime, to save people from the monsters that ravage their land poison the air, but even more famous in Tiryns and in their homeland.