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One of the main reasons for the decline of interest in the sport number one became relatively smaller achievements of Russian athletes compared to the Soviet period.If a competitor or team has little chance of winning, this sport does not cause any interest: and so in the country is bad, but they still lose.The sport ceased to be significant, important was the only victory.

Football game of millions is transformed into a business.In most cases, money is being spent unwisely.All in order to buy new expensive players and coaches and to create the show.It turns out that football is also a show business?To cite an example from the club "Anji" and immediately see that bought foreign players come to watch tens of thousands of fans, when a few years ago came to the stadium less than ten thousand.And you do not strange that the Cameroonian striker Makhachkala club receives about 20 million euros a year?

Why are we more and more often turn to foreign aid?Mainly because they do not have a little experience in foreign clubs, where football rated superior to ours.Foreign players have extensive experience in European competitions, and local leagues there is "more powerful."Remember, in which only Grand Eto'o did not play in the transition to "Anji" and I'm sure it was not his last club.It turns out that buying foreign players profitable than to grow their talents.

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And its not grow.Allegedly, those conditions do not, and if you grow it in the wrong direction.But, you know, not all as bad as it seems.Just recently I saw the acclaimed online video with the young talent from Voronezh.And though he's still very young, and of course the potential is not revealed until the end, we can already say that this will grow quite not a bad product.Yes, it's all good, but the changes are necessary right now and first of all it concerns our team.

Update composition is necessary.To date, the Russian team is no substitute for the defenders.Think about how much more will play Ignashevich, Berezutski brothers, Anyukov.He has 30 years, and young talents there.The attack also does not stand on the sidelines.The only people today can and must appear in this team Bukharov.His bunch with Kerzhakov would be very helpful.Well, then you might think about the captain.We need a new young captain, ready to lead the team forward and he set an example to other players.Arshavin is not the nice little boy with rosy cheeks, deftly score goals at the gate of the great teams.I think that after Euro 2012 it will give the captain's armband to his successor.

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