How to brass knuckles, and is it worth it?

Knuckles is a melee weapon by which striking is not fists, and warhead.Brass knuckles three main types: a weapon is equipped with a separate port for each finger separately;a large recess in the whole hand;as well as the three-headed brass knuckles.Brass knuckles with their hands, made from scrap materials are mostly made "by itself", this weapon as it is a continuation of the hands

In most cases, the question of how to make brass knuckles with his own hands is a simple answer - cast from lead.This method is the easiest, everyone knows that the lead - a metal that is very easy to melt, thus having a significant weight in the small volume.

So, how to make brass knuckles.

  1. Mouldmaking.Drawn on the bricks of the future shape of brass knuckles.After that, by resorting to the help of a sharp object (this may be a screwdriver, chisel, etc.), the shape is cut into the bricks.Will greatly facilitate this task can drill with a drill of medium size.The form must be received such that the holes for the fingers were raised on brick.It is understood that the form must be contrasting real model.The result of the manufacture of forms should be perfectly flat surface for pouring lead.
  2. second stage of the answer to the question is how to make knuckles molten lead.To do this, use any enamel or aluminum cookware and open fire.The time during which molten lead is approximately 20 minutes, the melting point of the metal - 327 degrees.
  3. last action, helps us to understand how to make brass knuckles - a die casting molten lead.Since the metal is in a molten state, and is characterized by high temperatures, this process must be accompanied by special attention, caution and care.The metal used to make a fist, instantly hardens, so it is necessary to do everything right the first time, otherwise you'll have to start all over again.After the lead completely hardens, it must be separated from the bricks.Often, those parts of the stone, which cover the holes for the fingers, stuck in the finished product - in this case they need to beat with a hammer.
  4. last stage of production - is finishing brass knuckles with a file, you need to bring to the surface of an ideal.

above method how to make knuckles is very common but not the only one.Knuckle can be made not only of metal.Most simple weapon made of wood.Starts board, 2-3 cm thick. Because the board is sawed trapezoid, which make holes for the arms oval.

There is another way in which is a more impressive weapon - a three-headed brass knuckles.It is a weapon in the form of the letter "T", each of which ends with the end of the tip.Necessary for its manufacture in a piece of timber length of 12-17 cm and a diameter of 3-3.5 cm drive three nails and a length of about 7 cm, the ends of which are sharpened.

learning how to make brass knuckles, should not immediately take on manufacturing.Remember that although it is easy to manufacture weapons, brass knuckles under the law are considered melee weapons, for possession of which, and especially for the application, subject to criminal liability.At the same time, as the brass knuckles are quite common, each will not be superfluous to know about them and be able to make in the event of a threat to his own life.

However, remember that the best self-defense will still use the handy tools that are not prohibited by law.For example, an excellent alternative to brass knuckles are ring-shaped pieces of a fairly thick skin width up to 6 cm. They help protect against damage fists.