Reel fishing rods - perceived need!

There are tools without which we can not do modern fisherman (though previous generations of fine somehow bypassed).They certainly can be attributed to fishing rods and reels.Long gone are the days when folding float tackle - sectional or sliding without much of a difference - mounted reel with a reserve of line of wire or other improvised materials.Today, no longer find the rods, which would not have been equipped with the modern way.A reel rod has become an essential element of almost any fishing gear.On what devices are the most popular today, learn from our article.

main functions

But in the beginning - about some features of the application.Basically, the original reel fishing rod with a float began to be used as a storage reserve of line.It was, of course, much easier to wind the line on her, than engage the protruding ears (who remembers they are made from pieces of wire and primatyvalis to stick insulating tape).But progress came forward and reel fishing rod began to carry more and more features.Among them: the landing of fish, work with a long fishing line during the angling (since this tool allows fishermen to quickly decrease / increase the length of fishing line).Also be helpful for the rod and reel in the event of breakage - with the aim of establishing a fast gear again.

What devices are used

At this time, the gear used for float inertia and freewheeling devices and their varieties.Let's take a more detailed look at each of the options.

Provodochnye inertial

This kind of inertial devices represents a rotating drum and an axial sleeve.There is also a special bracket (T-shaped) for attaching to the handle of the rod.Drum (spool) may be one-piece and two-disc.The diameters of the drums are different - from 50 to 200 mm and more.When throwing tackle fishing line is pulled and freely unwound from the drum, carrying out its rotation.Coils of this type are deaf and brake fixing the drum itself and friction - to force the removal of line with the device.Alternatively, a so-called "ratchet" - a simple device for preventing unwinding.Such coils are made usually of light aluminum alloy.

  • Small coils (up to 120 mm) used in the float rod for fishing in the wiring from a boat or from the shore at great depths.
  • coils bigger size (up to 200 mm and above) put on the gear, is intended for catching large predatory fish.
  • Small (50 mm) used for catching minnows, small perch, carp on the course or from a boat.


This kind of freewheeling reel is designed to provide automatic line lay on the spool.Thus increasing the rate at which the fishing line is wound.These devices usually have a complementary and bonuses: automatic braking, backstop, the counter of line, the possibility of changing the gear ratio.


Typically, they are used to match play gear for catching predatory fish live bait, for example.They can be used where necessary long casts and quickly winding fishing line.To float tackle put speed (1: 5.2 or 1: 6.2).Freewheeling devices consist of a spool, which is stationary, and with her wound fishing line rings.Winding is performed by means of a hinge lesoukladyvatelya shackle on the sleeve that rotates.

In principle, the latter - the most progressive.But before you collect bait with a reel, it is still necessary to carefully select any of the above, consistent with the objectives and tasks of fishing, and then your fishing will certainly catchability!