Is the dollar tree (Zamioculcas) - Flower of celibacy?

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Girls are primarily interested in the question of whether we can keep the house Zamioculcas?This is true for many.Not only is the modern groom, accustomed to the open relationship, marriage is difficult to persuade.So even Zamioculcas (flower of chastity) can damage.With this business you need to fight in a radical way.But on the other hand, promotes the accumulation of Zamioculcas greenbacks dollars.How to get rid of it?So you can stay grounded.What's a poor girl to choose?

true that Zamioculcas - flower of celibacy?

turns out that the issue of the influence of a flower and a transcript will is very important.After all, I do not want to lose the chance of any suitors nor money.But what if you gave this beautiful plant?After all, a present was made with only one purpose - to contribute to your financial well-being!Do not get rid of because of it.Or more personal happiness?And for the wedding ceremony can be a gift and carry it in the trash?This, of course, a personal matter.Everyone does as he whispers to the soul.Just before parting with the plant, let's try to see what people say about him.Where did the information that the Zamioculcas - flower of celibacy?The first thing that will tell about it - is the dollar flower.This is the main sign associated with the plant.It is believed that his plump green leaves can affect the income of the owner.The increase in finance will be significant.Some eyewitnesses claim that as soon as the plant produces new leaf, they get a certain amount of a sudden.

Yet why Zamioculcas - flower of celibacy?According to some, such an unpleasant rumor went because the plant looks very similar to the Spathiphyllum.They have a very similar characteristic color, resembling a phallic symbol.But if Spathiphyllum is muzhegonom, then where does Zamioculcas?Looks plants have not yet spoken about the similarity of their "characters".

There is still a very interesting rumor among the people.They say that the Zamioculcas hostess brings happiness.Just a pleasant phenomenon occurs at the moment of flowering plants.Then the owner can descend to true happiness.But to make it "slow" plant bloom very difficult.To dissolve it rarely and only under very favorable conditions.Maybe this is the main cause of unpleasant rumors.Imagine gave you a flower, thus tie your fate.Now, you will find your happiness when the "greedy" Zamioculcas bloom.So, there is nothing to be afraid of in a landfill and take the time to plant is no need.Well look after your pet, he will help you and save up money and meet their fate at the right time.

Talisman Zamioculcas

Value flower - dollar plant.If you gave it, then caring for them is equivalent to taking care of their own business.As soon as the new leaf, cook purse.Money will come necessarily.If the plant starts to hurt - get ready to losses.Note that, trusting Zamioculcas, you get greater protection.But the magic of the plant will have to pay their own time.Fortunately, Zamioculcas nepriveredliv.Watering can be infrequent.Just make sure that the air was enough moisture, otherwise the leaves begin to turn yellow.

So, Zamioculcas, maybe muzhegonom is only temporary until the bloom.But this event promises you true happiness, which is to wait and do not mind.Yes, and for your financial well-being of the plant will look noble.So if presented - keep it at home and love your vegetable guardian angel!