"Uber" -Taxi: reviews the drivers of the company.

now will not be any problem immediately call a taxi.To order a car, you will need only a smartphone.Service "Uber" -Taxi created for drivers and passengers find each other.

For what purpose company created

Uber Corporation was founded in San Francisco.The primary purpose - to carry VIP-clients in the high-end cars.

Later, the company's specialists have developed a more democratic service - UberX.Machines were allowed lower grade.A trip to the subsidiary costs to customers is much cheaper.

Despite all the changes, stylish cars to customers were facing a high level of the company.Work in "Uber" -Taxi drivers only the reviews are positive.

How to use the service?

«Uber" -Taxi considered the most simple system to order the machine.This is the best service for business people who value their time.There is also an "Uber" reviews -Taxi drivers, which are based on these findings.They can be found in the article.

Before advantage, you need to register.In the first stage all one for drivers and passengers.As with any service, you need to make data your email, create a password, enter the initials, phone number to contact, zip code and the necessary information on the credit card:

  • number;
  • CVV-code;
  • duration.

If there is no confidence in the service, nor the desire to transmit data, it is possible to have a virtual card via online payment systems (WebMoney, "Yandex. Money" and others).The main thing that the card has been listed funds.

The "Uber" -Taxi connection takes place through a mobile application.You can log in through social networks (Google+, and Facebook).Confirm the telephone number must be through the code, which will come by SMS.

After this simple procedure, you can easily call a taxi.Payment shall be transferred with the help of a registered card.

mobile app Uber created for popular smartphone operating systems (iOS, Android, BlackBerryOS, WindowsPhone).All drivers wishing to provide work "Uber" -Taxi.Reviews you can read below.

advantages for passengers

  • instant recall with the mobile device.You do not need to enter the coordinates, just select the destination.By this time it is reduced.
  • Wait a free car will not have long.After making the call, sent a message to all drivers at once.The first who wants to respond and immediately goes to the customer.
  • service only works with reliable machines the most prestigious brands.With the advent of UberX possible options available to all.
  • cost of the trip is calculated automatically and displayed on the screen before making a decision about the call.
  • no hardships with cash.The required amount for the trip is automatically deducted from the card.
  • constantly held discounts and promotions that allow you to save.

Disadvantages service

  • virtually no effect on the territory of Russia.The system is developed only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • If the client wishes to cancel the trip - it will cost him a certain amount.From the account will be charged a fine of 190 rubles.For the first couple of minutes after the order can be canceled without affecting the car.
  • distrust of people to different systems that require data cards.

Uber elsewhere

This service is primarily intended for residents of America.In the US, most of the activity is gaining momentum.

According to statistics, the average number of orders dostegaet 3 million.Of these, the most part - in the USA.

system commissioned by taxi not all countries are equally perceived positively.There are protests among the classical services for passengers.

Britain - the main enemy of the system.The country has banned taxis.Instead fare for mileage passengers pay a fixed amount for shipping, which is unacceptable in "Uber" -Taxi.(Reviews of companies nevertheless most positive in Russia.)

For similar reasons, the protest spread to Europe, which speaks only of the highly competitive service compared to traditional taxi services.

«Uber" -Taxi in Russia

To service developed in Russia requires not only its rapid growth, but also a fundamental change in national public opinion.The system is good for the society, where there is a sufficient number of available drivers in the cars of high quality.This will help meet the demand.

Service needs to trust in non-cash payments.Often, a bank card in Russia - this is just the key to the money to immediately withdraw from the machine.

In the capital system is fully functional, but it still does not guarantee that its work will spread to all regions.It is assumed that "Uber" in Russia will be the only premium service commissioned by taxi and spreads only affluent customers.

As one of the options for further development of the work is presented through other taxi service on a partnership agreement.

already collected about the system "Uber" reviews -Taxi drivers who have a positive character.

Jobs "Uber" -Taxi

Service invites to cooperation of drivers.The "Uber" -Taxi work is carried out using a smartphone.Once registered in the system, you can earn extra income on shipping customers.The Commission, which takes the service, 20% of the order value.Payments are made to a bank card.

It does not require taping different car stickers, just log in, you need to install the application on your smartphone, and you can take orders.

On weekends for employees tariffs increased.The service has a special motivation system on a set of points, which are charged to the driver for each completed order.Therefore, a trip profitable even for short distances.The points which have been set in the service, you can then transfer to the account in cash.

About Service "Uber" reviews -Taxi drivers enticing, they are attracted by their promise comments.Maybe we should try?

Positive aspects of working with the "Uber»

  • Payment Guarantee.For each completed order payment is automatically deducted from the customer's card.All honestly, transparently and without fraud.Now the driver can not worry about the underpayment.Even if the trip did not take place, there will be compensation for the transfer of the minimum rate.
  • not have to spend time searching for change.Also, the client will not be able to slip fake money.Suffice it to take him to the destination, and you can immediately take the next order.
  • quiet work with the appropriate people.It is believed that clients who understand banking systems and trust their data "Uber" is more correct than those who travel incognito.
  • compensation costs.If the client soiled interior, the company is willing to pay for cleaning.It is only necessary to provide a check.
  • Increased tariffs, which work at night, on holidays and during peak hours, allow to make good money.

Negative sides competing taxi companies

  • High Commission with each order.
  • downtime due to the small number of applications.
  • delay wages.In other companies, employee benefits are carried out once a month.According to research found that when the frequency of such wages are often delayed.
  • confusion with the order.Most controllers transmit a single client to multiple drivers.The system "Uber" is excluded.Everything happens on the automatic level, and is guaranteed to work in 40 countries around the world.
  • problems of a technical nature.Programs of many services for passengers difficult to use, they inhibit the work of the driver.Get custom in such circumstances is difficult.The "Uber" entire work is built on a click on the screen.
  • lack of training and technical support.In cooperation with other taxi services staff are often left alone with all technical inaccuracies services.The company "Uber" provides support, which works around the clock.There are willing to teach beginners employees all the details.

How to work in the system

To understand how it works, "Uber" -Taxi simple.The driver needs only to carry out the registration, then everything is simple and clear.

application on the phone is able to display the selected color on the map information on which part of the city is now the largest number of orders.It is necessary to drive closer to the territory.After the orders start flowing.The application will indicate the name of the customer's phone number for communication, the place where he is at this point, and a point on the map of the city - where you want it to deliver.

Once the trip is completed, press the corresponding button on the smartphone.That's the whole procedure.Money is automatically transferred from the customer's card to the account of the driver, and at the end of the week the accumulated funds are transferred to a company with which there is a transfer of wages.

In this case the driver does not require a license and official registration of their activity as an individual entrepreneur.


Drivers show gratitude to the system and touted her convenience.Many say that particularly pleases the clearing settlement as an opportunity to no longer worry about unpaid trip.Employees surprised a lot of orders and work-load (no downtime).Drivers are grateful for the stability of the payment service and the possibility of part-time work in their spare time.

The "Uber" -Taxi driver work is quite simple.The system of calculation is transparent and saves time.