Dream of children.

Very often in a dream, you can see the children.Dreams can be variously interpreted the meaning of this dream.After all, in a dream, or a child is doing something, or it something befall.From these small details very much depends.

Why dream of future children

before to be born a little baby, a woman as much as 9 months bears him in his tummy.And pregnancy can dream about for various reasons.If a woman sees a dream, it often indicates that it will not be easy, it will face a variety of misfortunes and miseries.Often troubles occur in relation to their children, if they exist, or with her husband.

Freud quite differently interpret this dream.He believes that women dream of pregnancy if it seeks to have children and want to realize their sexual dreams.But for the virgin pregnancy - this is the symbol of future troubles or infamy.

If future children dream, dream interpretation Hasse says it to the accomplishment of ambitious plans.Indeed, in real life - the birth of a child is also a very strong change.But Tsvetkov in his dream book says that a woman who sees herself pregnant, just afraid to be alone.Therefore, her fears are reflected in numerous dreams of such subjects.

If a man dreams of a pregnancy, it symbolizes the creation of new plans for the future.And they are quite grand scale.

What dreams babies

newly born baby is often a dream to a very pleasant and unexpected gifts, surprises.So is much to prepare for this moment.Babies during sleep and still say that all things: and family, and workers required to improve, if there are any problems.

According to what says the dream book, a baby girl foretells good and long-awaited meeting.It may be close, from which a very long time there was no news.By the way, the baby is also an opportunity to receive news from home, if the parents live far enough.

Actions children dream

own children dream of parents hint at what is to come in the life of true happiness.All plans and expectations will be realized.However, this applies only to those dreams when the children look very neat and pretty.If defeated in his sleep disease, sick loved children, dream interpretation states that in real life, kids will always vary very good health.

Cooperative play with the children in a dream means that in reality, a person can make a very reckless act.It's kind of a warning against hasty steps.Watch the process of children's games - it's a sign that portends sleeping a lot of pleasure and fun.Kiss the kids - it's also a wonderful and pleasant character.It indicates the occurrence of peace and tranquility in his own family.Often, it is a symbol of joy, who settled in the house.

If a child falls suddenly and disintegrates when confronted with a dream, it means trapping the problems that are about to be stepped on.When the dream of seriously ill children, dream interpretation indicates the threat.Perhaps that is threatening business or family well-being, and may come and some kind of disease.

to see his dream of a dead child portends great disappointment.And it can happen in the very near future.So it pays to be careful.

work with children some joint business, but always interesting, foretells that a very serious and will buy lots of different gifts.If children read, dream book says that in the future the children will be obedient, find a common language with their parents, and certainly will be pleased with its success.

If you dream suddenly there is a large number of children, is a sign of the emergence of a huge number of problematic situations.Each of them require immediate solution.So, you will have to spend time on the removal of these small troubles.

Finally, see yourself a little kid - it means to behave in real life.It is necessary to get away from such behavior and everything will work out.But most importantly, that others will be drawn to you instantly.