Maria Name: characteristics and values

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It would seem that such a widespread and native name ... so it is definitely something our - Russian, but there it was.The origin of the name Mary has Jewish roots.Yes, as surprising as it may sound, but it's true.It is derived from the similarities with him the Hebrew name Miriam.Values ​​and translations he has a lot: according to one version, it means "beloved," on the other - "stubborn."You can meet and such translations as "Mrs.", "bitter" and even "rejected".That's how much value is the name of Mary, a characteristic which is also ambiguous.

Maria in childhood

Parents do not quite appreciate his daughter, because Masha - very kind and affectionate girl, trying not to upset his family.If it is something guilty in front of them, the highly experienced and unrepentant about this, trying to fix it and make amends.Masha like to help my mother around the house, it is very neat girl who loves to get out.She has many interests, she likes to read and learn something new.Well at school, it can turn out excellent student.Favorite subjects - geography, literature and biology.Masha is very apt pupil, in addition, it has a lot of talent: can perfectly draw or dance, write poetry or sing.But as it is - a very modest and shy man who does not like to stand out in a team.With classmates friendly, easy to communicate with her, and she will always help.

name Maria: response in terms of psychology

Maria - very stubborn, especially when she has to defend their opinion.He likes to work, is taken for any work, without worrying about the fact that the path may be difficult, as the ready to deal with them.Its initiatives bring to the end.It is very sensitive and emotional nature - so much so that sometimes can make reckless actions, which will be sorry.But she is ready to admit their mistakes and correct them.Mary - a good and reliable friend, always come to the rescue.It knows how to listen and keep secrets.

name Maria: characteristics with respect

Men Masha attractive and interesting, so it is always a lot of boyfriends.The very same girl falls rapidly, so a relationship very quickly come to replace the other.His chosen partner in life and she chooses a long time;for it is important that her favorite was a sincere, open, honest and reliable.As a rule, it finds what he is looking.In marriage, Mary holds her husband and devotes all his time to the family, it is - a wonderful caring mother and loving wife.

name Maria: response in career

girl with the same name is a very responsible and serious, it will be a success in any business.Whatever profession Masha choose, her perseverance and hard work will help to achieve success.She'll make a great doctor or a teacher, and the girl will approach a specialty related to communication: the psychologist, philosopher, educator, social worker.Basically Maria chooses the sort of thing that will bring people to benefit.

What is the name of Mary in astrology

zodiacal sign of that name - Virgo and the planet, patronizing her - Proserpine.Color, Mary brings luck - gray, lucky number - 4, and the auspicious day of the week - Thursday.A good talisman for Masha can become a diamond, flower, corresponding to the name - knapweed.Animal mascot - a dove.