How to stop hate your job?

Once your job gives you pleasure, and every morning you appeared at the office with a desire to carry out the scheduled day

But over time, you begin to notice that once the favorite thing becomes less interesting, you find it difficult to tune in a working mood,you try as soon as possible to deal with the orders of the authorities, it being understood that frank schlock.

Where gone past enthusiasm and why stay in the workplace is more associations with imprisonment?Psychologists believe that it could be several reasons.

Unloved work

most common cause of the fall of enthusiasm is the fact that you are no longer satisfied with what you're doing.Perhaps, settling on a place you'd expect a very different.For example, we expected that the work will be creative, but instead you have to deal with the paperwork.And if at first you thought that is finally deal with the endless scraps of paper, and you will be able to realize themselves, then over time you realize that the flow of documents has never run dry.

Naturally, now that you're struggling with paper blockages without the former enthusiasm.From this situation there is only one way - to change jobs.This does not mean that you should immediately write a letter of resignation.You may be able to convince the authorities to transfer you to another department or to another location.Remind your boss that you are - a great specialist, and keep you on the paperwork - the same thing that hammer nails with a microscope.If the boss is not set to change anything, it is likely that you really need to attend to the search for a new place.The most important thing in this situation - not to hurry.After all, you want to find not just a job, and the work that you really interesting.Let the search for drag - you no one is going to fire your current position.

If you do not appreciate ...

you have added several years salary, and promotion seems the stuff of science fiction.The administration does not notice your successes, and colleagues, who are much worse than you get exactly the same salary.Not surprisingly, it seems as though there is no point "burn" at work - your efforts still no one will appreciate.

In this case, you again need to talk with the authorities and to try to achieve recognition of their services.The most appropriate time - as soon as you have completed a difficult task, or have done a lot of work.The argument in your favor can be overtime work you are doing because of constant lack of a colleague, or a high degree of responsibility, which has given you guidance.

Well, if you have a rough idea of ​​how many professionals get your level in other companies - it allows you to make sure you are not motivated by extreme greed, and the desire for justice.

struggling with boredom

Many unwillingness to work arises only in respect of routine work, and everything else does not cause any aversion.Incidentally, the routine can also be dangerous to your health.Scientists have found a job that does not require responsibility, decision-making and frequent tends to uniformity, shortens life.It turned out that the people, to whose work have few requirements, died on 35% more - a pattern traced for 10 years after retirement.

As the author of the study, passive job makes a person constantly struggle with inattention and drowsiness, leading to severe stress.However, to do this work will still need, so try to create for itself its own reward system.For example, treat yourself to a chocolate bar or "non-routine" cigarette break after a tedious job.

Another way to overcome the dislike of routine work - to bring into it something new.For example, arrange a secret competition with their colleagues and try to fulfill their part of the work the fastest.Firstly, it will help you not to get bored, and, secondly, because you are much quickly deal with an unpleasant affair.

Where a respite?

It is possible that the enthusiasm of the fallen - your body's signal that you need a break.Working seven days a week for the third month, it is impossible not to get tired.Do not forget that a normal working day - 8 hours instead of 24, you are accustomed to thinking.Try often to take breaks at work, ask for an assistant, explain to the boss that working in this mode, you are unlikely to be able to perform their duties fairly accurately.It is not necessary to bring the unfinished office work home - you have to come to the service and relaxed sleep.Only in this case you can work with pleasure.Perhaps you have recently been ill with the flu and the extra load you to anything.Then your unwillingness to work - a protective reaction from overwork.In this case, it makes sense to drink a course of vitamins, pay attention to the tonic extracts such as ginseng or Eleutherococcus tincture, and possibly postpone all difficult to do at least a week.During this time, you finally restore the strength and enthusiasm will come back by itself.

way, psychologists from the University of Amsterdam warn before take up the important work you need a good rest.Rested and tired of the mental work the subjects were subjected to a series of experiments during which it became clear that people were tired less flexible and more assertive in their behavior, they occasionally suffer from a lack of self-control.In addition, they act less rationally re trying to share the same options, even if it was clear that they are not working.On reflection and committing some of the conclusions they needed more time.

Finally, the test questions they answered slowly.Therefore, if you are tired and your boss insists on urgent implementation of the next job before you begin it is better to take a break - this will ultimately help finish the job faster.

in the right place

Perhaps the reason for the lack of desire to work is a bad job.For example, you constantly scurrying past colleagues and visitors, pestering you with questions.You are always distracted, you can not concentrate, and eventually perform their jobs well enough.

course, suffers your self-esteem as an expert, and a desire to work disappears completely.If you can not change the "dislocation", at least try to better equip desktop - nice looking trinkets favorite flower, and pictures of children on the desktop will make the office more comfortable atmosphere.And, of course, get rid of the clutter in the workplace.As long as you dig into the pile of papers, trying to find the right document under the rubble, the desire to work could dry up.

Alexander Tyrlova

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