Name Alevtina meaning and destiny

Alevtina name comes from ancient Greece.Some consider it a distorted form of the name Valentina, has a Latin origin and means "strong."The diminutive form of the name is Alia, Alechka, Scarlet, Tina.

name Alevtina.The value for the child Little

Alechka similar to the father both appearance and character, so drawn to it more than to my mother.Parents need to dress girl heat from hypothermia she happens tonsillitis or pharyngitis.Different talents can draw well, it has a musical ear.Cheerful, emotional, he does not know what shyness.Is responsible for learning, parents do not have to control it, Ala independently learn the poem and solve the problem.Due to the unusual name of this she immediately stands out in a group.The school girl is surrounded by friends, but none of them do not trust it completely.Very whimsical, has high demands.Although it is a beautiful name, it blows from the old-fashioned, but it is perceived as a teenager painful.Alya is confident in its own uniqueness and irresistible, but among the peers feel uncomfortable.Needless proud and aggressively respond to the taunts and sarcastic jokes, which are often found in the women's team.Lack of restraint makes it possible not to respond, she immediately enters the fray, which is why conflicts arise.

What is the name Alevtina

According to some sources, it means "reflection" on the other means "alien to bad".It is a rare name, is not typical of other countries and in Russia is not widespread."Rubbed with spices" - another name translated from Greek.

name Alevtina.The value for the character

intelligent and perceptive, she rarely close friends, although there is no shortage at shortstop.This girl is impressive, well-groomed, talking loudly, very high values ‚Äč‚Äčthemselves.Learn to be solely on their own mistakes, because others do not trust, but the second time they did not commit, she is not one of those who likes to dance on the rake.The mystery lies in the name of Alevtina respect.This leads to the fact that she is responsible for his words, and if something has promised, he will surely fulfill.Among strangers Alevtina will first be imperceptible, although due to its inherent sense of humor, bright appearance and the presence of intelligence ignored it for a long time does not remain.

name Alevtina.Value in adulthood

With age, there is categorical and intolerance towards the opinions of others.Sometimes her imperiousness and obstinacy mistaken for confidence, strength, willpower, and appoint the head of Alevtina.In this case, it subordinates not to be envied, a team will always be squabbles and conflicts.

name Alevtina.The value in the field of love and marriage

Alevtina like to be in the men's team, where she feels confident.Her husband will be looking for a high social status.After her reverie with Alya youth itself is the wife of Prince or a wealthy businessman.And because of the innate ambition want to wipe your nose and all her friends to find a better husband than theirs.Alevtina is a good hostess and a doting mother.However, she had to be careful: because of its conflict even on the calmest man can end patience, and there to close a divorce.It is best to choose a man for marriage, able to give the reins in the hands of his wife.