What is the name of Elijah in the life of its owner

"power of God" - that is the name of Elijah.It combines well with almost any and surname, prevalent in Russia.The country is viewed with special reverence, because it was the name of the epic hero and a prophet who replaced after the baptism of Perun.Strong, but good.So it would be described in the previous century.

What is the name for a boy Ilya

name sounds softly and has a feminine energy.Little boys often called Ilya, which gives it an even greater tenderness and some weakness.It will be a favorite grandmothers, because it is very obedient and affectionate.We are pleased to help at home as a mom and dad.He does not like to quarrel to an extent that would prefer to ask for forgiveness, even if he was right.In adolescence begins to manifest courage and straightforwardness.Then Ilyukha becomes cocky, sometimes even out of place.Not inclined to dream, I prefer the bird today than tomorrow crane.Under the influence of friends is able to go where you want, but the innate judgment and common sense quickly put it back on the right road.

origin of the name Ilya

It Russian analogue of the Hebrew name Elijah.It is quite rare, and has never been particularly popular.Planet Name: Saturn, Mars, the Sun.Capricorn cover him.

What is the name of Ilya regarding health holder

Health Ilya is not very good, especially it is necessary to care about the state of his nervous system, kidneys and liver.Maybe not sure of their sexual opportunities.Ilya is a lot of romance novels, but for him it is important that the woman was close to him, not only physically but also spiritually.

What is the name of Elijah: the character of the owner

By nature it is balanced.Sometimes, Ilya could explode, but the devastating effects will not, and he does not hold grudges for a long time.Low-key, often thinking about the future, may be unhappy that has today.It has a good memory.By the age when he begins to understand that nothing good ahead will not be, it can become depressed and grumpy.

Mystery named Ilya: love and marriage

This name seems patriarchal, it really is.Ilya did not like parties and can not imagine my life without family and children.Once back on track and build a house, you will want to bring to the hostess.He considers himself earner and takes care to provide for his family.Founder, economic, his wife do not have to remind him of the need to screw in a light bulb or replace the faucet - all this he will notice and make their own.Sometimes, Ilya could afford some mischief, for example, together with friends to go to have fun, but that does not mean that he is not serious about his family.Return with a bouquet of flowers for his wife, to help her peel the potatoes, and in the evening love to play with children.

What is the name of Elijah to the holder in the professional field of activity

Ilya loves to travel and learn new countries.Returning with pleasure will build houses, villas, car repair.In the professional field Elijah likes to be organized.He liked the work, where everything depends on it, and do not demand results from other people.Especially good works in tandem with a colleague to whom he trusts.It may be a military doctor, the builder, the interpreter, but no matter what profession he chooses, will work on conscience.