How to make home-made adaptations for Bulgarians?

Bulgarka - an indispensable tool in carrying out various construction, installation and repair work.The main task of this unit is fast cutting metal or stones.Also, due to the special nozzles it is capable of carefully polished surface of the part, clean it and remove deep and stubborn dirt (often rust).However, in order to expand the scope of application of the device, many acquire and even the home-made device designed for the Bulgarians.Today, we look at what accessories and attachments are most in demand in the construction, and how to make their own hands.

At the moment there are many different nozzles, which can significantly expand the use of a simple grinder.Such, for example, are:

  1. Bits for sanding surfaces, removing old paint.
  2. stand.
  3. Protractors (we'll talk about them later in this article).

It is worth noting that the majority of owners still prefer to buy ready-made nozzle in the store than to produce their own.They cost is not too expensive, and finding them is not difficult.But some artists produce these devices by hand.For more information, see below.

How to make home-made adaptations for Bulgarians?Cooking tools

To perform these tasks, you will need the following devices:

  • electric drill with a set of drill bits;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw on wood;
  • disks for grinder diameter of 125 millimeters.

What should prepare the materials?

you need to buy wooden blocks (2 pcs.), Metal area of ​​the dural steel and the same plate.Also, you will need screws size 3 ... ... 3.5h16 35 millimeters.All you need to have eight such elements.


first cut metal plate.Further, from the dural corner is a corner.It is easy - only it needs to make a cut in the form of a triangle in one of the parts and flanges to bend it at right angles.The metal structure of the plate must be drilled 6 holes with a diameter of 4 mm each.It is necessary to secure the screws handle corners and a wooden block.It is worth noting that each of these holes must have an indentation under the bonnet screws.

handle secured to the bar with two screws.Dimensions of fasteners must be 3h35 millimeters.Thus you receive the item L-shaped.All these elements together with a further plate are brought together.This means for Bulgarians are fixed with 4 screws 3x20 mm.

So, based on the elements we have already done.Now, here you need to install the steel corners.There should be two - with dimensions 60 × 60 × 45 and 55 × 30 × 75 mm.It is worth noting that the first area you need to straighten from 900 to 600. If you do not, on the grinders such a product is not exactly secured.What to do next?After installing steel angles attached itself to them Bulgarian.It is connected with a device by means of its own handle with one hand, and on the other - with a bolt and locknuts series "M" (8 × 20 millimeters).The latter need to unscrew the screws from the device during the cutting of the material.Install the lock nut on the handle is not necessary because it will keep you a hand.Everything at this stage of the device for cutting is made successfully.


Such devices for the Bulgarians used to facilitate the efforts of the accompanying operator to perform work on the cutting material.Agree to keep the weight of bulky grinders for several hours is difficult.For this reason many craftsmen make special frame that allow work on metal cutting and manufacturing virtually one hand.

How to make a device for Bulgarians with their hands?First, you should make a wooden box.It is enough to make only one side for fastening grinder.All the other walls are removed, their place attach the legs.

But to this Bulgarian was really effective, you must first adapt it to the new "environmental conditions".What do I need to do?You must first remove the protective cover of the instrument.Next on the worn disc grinders.When he leaned against the side wall of the tool, mark where the gap was made to move the nozzle or disc.It should not be too wide (the distance - to inside the device does not permit foreign objects).However, the gap is possible and expand.This is done in those cases where there is a need for rapid replacement of nozzles without disassembling the entire structure.As supports, you can use two pieces of wood.Everything is now possible to safely get to work on the saw cut a variety of materials and products.


protractor protractor - the most important tool in carrying out construction and installation work.These tools are essential for the Bulgarians in the treatment and cutting of light metal profiles.Using this tool allows you to accurately calculate the angle of the cutting parts that best displays on the quality of work performed.In addition to metal profiles, this tool is also in high demand in the processing tile, flooring and baseboards.Homemade protractor is a great alternative to bulky and expensive tools, which are also referred to as specialized.Perhaps an industrial scale use of home-made equipment will not, however, the household will definitely be an element indispensable.

principle of its operation is as follows:

  1. first tile (or other material to be cut) is placed on the area with anti-friction guide plate.The latter has a high anti-slip properties that prevents displacement of the details on the device.
  2. Next workpiece firmly pressed against the corner of the shelves, and the operator puts the right angle cut.
  3. then begin cutting material.It should take into account that you just cut a little push on the disc - the extra effort in this case to anything.


design data devices for Bulgarians consist of the following parts:

  • corner retainer;
  • loop;
  • fixing bolt;
  • main parts.

Unfortunately, these tips on the grinder can not be done by hand, because of their complex structure.Therefore it is best to buy these inclinometers in specialized stores.