Incubators automatic.

Poultry farming - it is one of the most popular sectors of agriculture, which specializes in the production of poultry meat and eggs.Therefore, most beginning farmers are concerned about the choice of high-quality technological equipment for its implementation.This refers to the automatic incubators, reviews of which are very different.And all because today there are many models of such systems, which are both pluses and minuses.It is about their features, functionality, and the rules of operation and would like to tell.

Purpose The main objective of the device - the breeding poultry.It is an indispensable tool for people in rural areas, the owners cottages or farm.It can help you raise chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quails, and ostriches.There are many models of these devices, which can be divided into two main types: household and professional use.The only difference is in the scale of breeding birds.Most functionality - automatic incubators, reviews of which the most positive.

Household devices at lower professional and suitable for beginners poultry farmers.Their capacity - from 1 to 280 eggs.They are quite compact, convenient, practical and economical.Have mechanical and automatic control, with which you can control the temperature, humidity and turning eggs at a certain time.

Professional models are much more powerful, more capacious (up to 2 500 eggs) and functionality.They provide climate control, power backup (in case of power failure), automatically turning eggs and much more.In addition, farmers' incubators quite economical and autonomous.

Regardless of the model device incubator same: paneling, container for eggs, rotary mechanisms, devices of heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation and autonomous power.With their help the regulated microclimate inside the incubator for breeding healthy birds.

housing is equipped with a special camera, where you want to put the egg, then you need to close the door tightly.Depending on the capacity for eggs are hatching and excretory or joint.At first higher bumpers that protect the chicks from falling.Inside the device should be well ventilated.

rotating mechanism is very important in the process of incubation, the eggs with them rotated and rolled.Automatic models make timely turning containers with eggs and independently regulate the temperature in the incubator.


automatic incubators have a very important function - it is turning eggs.It depends on the normal development of the embryo.There are 3 basic methods:

  • rolling .This method involves horizontal eggs on lattices.During operation of the device grid moves back and forth, and egg roll on her movements.
  • Roller rolling. Each cell in the tray is equipped with special rollers that are on its bottom.At certain times they move and turn the eggs.
  • slopes. fruits are upright and tilted grill automatically in different directions by 45 °.Such a method is most often used at poultry farms.

Another distinctive feature of the incubator - a form of trays.In standard models, they look like a grid that host lattice with cells.Their capacity ranges from 60 to 110 eggs.The tray is securely fastened, so the risk of damage to the eggs excluded.

incubators that work on a method of tilt trays are equipped with protective bumpers.With their help, the egg at the time of turning is kept.In such models, the eggs are placed tightly, and if there are empty cells, they need to fill, for example foam.

"Dzhanoel 24"

for household devices owned incubator automatic Janoel 24. Reviews stipulate that it is quite easy to use and is perfect for hatching in a small amount.Transparent body made of plastic material, allows control of the incubation.The capacity of its - 24 chicken eggs, 12 - about 40 geese and quail.Excellent ventilation, temperature range - 35 ° to 45 °.According to poultry farmers, the device is automated and has a simple configuration, the main thing - in time to add water to the tank and control the temperature.

digital automatic device has a modern swivel mechanism.And through a transparent body, you can watch the tumbling of the fruit.The error in temperature readings +/- 0,1 ° C.With a convenient dashboard to easily set the settings.

fully autonomous automatic incubator Janoel 24 (reviews confirm this) really works flawlessly and gives consistently high output (about 85%).Good value for money.

"Dzhanoel 42"

fairly simple and functional digital incubator automatic Janoel 42. Responses suggest that this model is ideal for beginners poultry farmers.The device has an automatic cooling and ventilation.Thanks to the electronic control panel incubation process is simple and straightforward.

Incubator is equipped with two sets of trays with different sizes: 6 egg chickens and 6 - for quail.On the side of the case has the holes through which water can be poured into the tank.The case is made of durable plastic.Capacity: chicken, duck or goose eggs (for the cell size of 4.5 cm) - 42 pcs., Quail (for cells measuring 3 cm) - about 125 pieces.

According to consumers, this model has a very comfortable and reliable trays compared to other devices.The only drawback is that the water tank of small size, and therefore it is often necessary to top up.Suffice it easy to manage, the error in temperature is almost imperceptible.Moreover, the device does not overheat.

Uninterruptible Autonomous Janoel 42, automatic incubator for eggs (reviews confirm this fact), has a high efficiency (about 85%).In addition, the device is very economical power consumption.


This model applies to home appliances and an affordable price.Capacity - from 65 to 95 eggs.Some models work independently and are equipped with a thermostat, the device remembers the temperature exhibited by you and saves it.The best option - it is automatic incubators "hen."Reviews of Poultry Farmers confirm that these models are better mechanical.

According to manufacturers, the error in temperature readings of +/- 0,1 °, but, according to the farmers, in practice, the run is about 0,8 °.Foam insulation body increases the quality of the device.In addition, it is quite light and compact.On plating placed viewing window that allows you to control the incubation process without disturbing the climate.The equipment is equipped with a ventilation system.

According to consumers, the rotary mechanism of the incubator does not work well and quickly breaks down.A foam inside the unit absorbs the smell and poorly cleaned.Heat plate and a thermometer malfunction.

But there are different opinions.Excellent value for money - it's automatic incubators "hen."Reviews state that the device maintains the temperature stable, easy to operate and reliable.Not a bad performance, but absolutely not suitable for goose eggs.


This is one of the cheapest domestic incubators, capacity of which ranges from 40 to 100 eggs.These devices are quite compact and light.According to the manufacturer, the temperature error of about 0,3 °, but in practice the run up to about 1 °.Some models are equipped with a battery backup in case of power failure.Quite popular and inexpensive automatic incubators "Cinderella."Reviews of Poultry Breeders lovers say that the devices continue to work even if the electricity is lost permanently.They are equipped with a heating system and can operate not only on the network, but also from the hot water to be poured into the tank where it will heat up special heating elements.

main drawback - it is temperature instability, which must be constantly exposed and control.In addition, the body of foam sufficient porosity tends to accumulate bacteria and mold.So do not do without a systematic disinfection.The yield was about 80% in the case fancier will constantly monitor the incubation process.Another minus - inaccurate figures thermostat.

There are 3 types of incubators "Cinderella":

  • Automatic .According to consumers, the rotary mechanism unreliable.Slow grating that moves with an interval of 4.5 hours.Some eggs in the cells do not turn over.
  • Mechanical .This model is inconvenient because it requires constant monitoring.Turning is done by hand, using a special lever that you want to turn in a certain time.
  • Hand .The most inexpensive and primitive model.Inverting eggs must independently, at intervals of 4.5 hours.


This new advanced automatic incubators.Reviews ("TGB" great demand) confirm that using Bio-acoustic stimulator output percentage is much higher.There are models that are different capacity and configuration.

unit quite heavy, weighing up to 12 kg.Depending on the model, it can accommodate itself about 290 eggs.Their number varies according to the number of containers.Maximum capacity tray: eggs - about 72, goose - about 32.

Bio-acoustic stimulator device can reduce the incubation period and increase the percentage of hatchability.This occurs under the influence of sound stimulation with specific sounds at specific frequencies.A device-aeroionizers (chandelier Chizhevskogo) strengthens the health of the chicks and increases the percentage of hatchability.

According to poultry farmers, a good brood, but not much higher than in other models of incubators for the same price.Their recommendations are: temperature control and selection of high-quality eggs for incubation.If you meet these rules, improvements such as Bio-acoustic stimulator and air ionizers, are needed.

incubators of this brand have a metal body, minus is that there is no viewing window.On top of the device is covered in insulated cover, under which stretched flexible wire for heating.

how to evaluate incubators automatic feedback?"TGB 210", according to the farmers, is unreliable trays of eggs, which is why they can easily fall out.To avoid this, they have to be secured in the cells, for example, foam rubber or cardboard.Automatic devices are turned on their own, and need to adjust the mechanical pressing a special lever.Another significant disadvantage - it is unreliable rotary wire, which is often torn, and so it is advisable to replace it more durable.

cost incubators of this brand depends on their functionality:

  • Automatic rotation mechanism.
  • Having thermostat and the hygrometer.Humidity indicator displayed on the panel.
  • Connectivity to the charger.
  • Having aeroionizers.

"AI 48"

Farm Incubator automatic "AI 48" poultry breeders appreciate good reviews.The owners say that the model is fairly compact, lightweight and easy to set up.The device is equipped with an automatic turning mechanism, turbofan and self-powered.

plastic housing easily cleaned and disinfected, unlike the foam.That is why the machine has a long service life.Furthermore, the device has a minimum run-up in terms of the temperature (0,1), the process is easy to control incubation with digital panel.

Incubator is equipped with a ventilation system.Capacity - about 50 eggs for quail, chicken, duck and goose.Through the mechanism of auto-coup egg roll with a certain interval, which is exposed fancier own.And with the help of a special counter, you can find out when will the process of incubation.The upper part of the body is made of translucent plastic.

According to consumers, the device is simply adjusted, it has a good ventilation system, temperature and humidity are recovered quickly after opening.In addition, plastic is easy to clean.Disadvantage - sometimes slipping Readout.In general, it's a good model with a high percentage of hatchability and good value for money.

"Blitz 48"

Popular household devices include an automatic incubator "Blitz 48".Reviews of consumers say that it is a precision unit with a high percentage of hatchability.Very accurate electronic controller displays the temperature inside the device.It is possible to connect to the charger by means of which the unit will operate for about 25 hours.

The set has two water tanks that maintain the desired level of humidity.And to add to the liquid does not need to open the cover.Sealed door retains the right microclimate inside the device.

body is made of wood, laminated sheets and insulated with polystyrene foam.The cover is made of transparent plastic, and the inner walls are covered with a thin layer of zinc, which allows you to maintain the correct microclimate inside the device.The fruit should be packed in one container, which is inverted at intervals of 2.5 hours.

autonomous and high-precision "Blitz 48" (incubators, automatic).Reviews of Poultry Breeders confirm this fact.And all thanks to a very accurate thermometer which indicates the temperature with the minimum takeoff (0,1 °).In the event of a power failure, the unit is powered by a battery charger, all previous settings are saved.

Feedback from customers, "Blitz 48" - the leader of sales in the Russian market today.This incubator has many advantages: flexibility, reliability, autonomy, capacity and ease of management.

All the pros and cons of automatic incubators

If a couple of decades ago, incubators were not available to ordinary people, but now they can buy anyone.The first advantage - a low price on the automatic incubators, reviews fanciers only confirm this fact.The main advantages of these devices, according to the consumer:

  • compact and practical. device quite easy to carry from place to place, it has a convenient form.
  • versatility .It is possible to choose the right capacity for you.For example, it is suitable for beginners device 24 eggs.
  • transparent cover. This important nuance, you can watch the process of incubation, without breaking the microclimate inside.
  • plastic housing. This is one of the most successful materials for the incubator, as it is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Automatic turning mechanism. With it, the eggs roll over a predetermined time interval you.
  • Simple operation.In the settings incubator easy to understand instructions and thanks to the electronic board.

And, of course, any technique is not perfect, so there are also negative reviews:

  • standard models should be in warm areas (not less than + 13 °).But this problem is easily solved thanks to the compactness of the device, which can be placed in a small room.
  • Models with a horizontal position of the tray should be completely filled with eggs.Although budding poultry farmers do not need a large brood.
  • housing foam is very difficult to clean, as it is a porous material.
  • in cheaper models, the thermometer does not work, that's why the run-up to a temperature higher than the manufacturers claimed.