Schwyz breed of cows: the diversity of livestock

rare to find someone who would not like milk or its products.Therefore, very popular in livestock animals able to produce as much milk as, for example, shvitckoj breed cows.


homeland of this breed is Switzerland.There was a breed of cattle korotkorogogo, long dwelling in the mountains - his remains still find during excavations.The breed was created through the careful selection and recruitment for a long time in terms of improved maintenance.As a result, get the animals adapted to local conditions.

At the beginning of the creation of the breed aim was not only to improve milk and meat performance, but also to obtain animals that would be able to carry out agricultural work.Over time, as the possibility to use the cows have not been considered, selection was directed only to the development of productivity of meat and milk.Much attention was paid to the cow suit.Gradually, the breed has penetrated into Germany, Austria and Italy.Since the beginning of the 19th century, the breed began to export to Europe and America.

differences in different countries

Since farming was conducted in countries that differ in natural and economic conditions, Schwyz breed cows from different countries differ from each other.Significant changes have been figure and animal productivity.For example, in Germany and Austria, the limbs of animals is lower and smaller body.France and Italy focused on generating large animal feedlots with high quality and good breast.Swiss and French have allowed milk yield to 6,3-6,7 thousand. Kg per year.Thus milk fat and 4.1% protein content about 3.4%.Austrian Schwyz cow produces less milk - about 5-5.5 thousand. Kg.

Effect of milk yield on

In Switzerland, noticeable differences in the productivity of animals at different pastures.For animals from lowland farms, grazing in a lush fertile valleys, show higher productivity than the same breed, but living in the mountainous regions.Wherein the fat content is the same.


European countries have made getting to 10 thousand. Kg of milk per cow per year.Fat content can be up to 5%.The most common milk shvitckoj cows used to produce high quality cheese.

Most European livestock is dairy-meat type.In the US, this breed cows were in 1869.Here are derived dairy animals such as having the right high-end, with a broad, but flat-chested, thick muscles.Weight females - 700-750 kg, male - 1000-1200 kg.The productivity of adult animals - 7-8 thousand. Kg, up to 4.2% fat.Brown Swiss breed of cattle is one of the six bred in the United States to produce milk.

Schwyz cow in Russia

In our country, the breed came in the late 19th century.To import it began in landlord economy because farmers could not meet the high demands to feed the cows.While import supply not only the bulls, but the uterus.Since the beginning of the 20th century to the breeding areas have become producers to keep this breed.Besides purebred breeding bulls took part in the improvement of local breeds.The best livestock of the early 20th century were put in the Smolensk region (today), in the stalls of the Moscow Academy of Agriculture.Pedigree animals were transported from here across the country to improve local breeds.

basic direction of the Russian Schwyz cow - milk.However, some farms derive meat or meat-dairy type.


Schwyz breed dairy cows has stretched torso, angular forms.Muscles of these animals is poorly developed, the weight is less, but higher milk yield.Milk and meat type cattle proportioned, well muscled.By weight and productivity is not much different from cows milk type.

predominant brown color with different shades from light to dark brown.Cow Schwyz, the disclosure of which must meet the standards, has a distinctive sign - blond hair around the nose.Needless nasal mirror should resemble the color of dark lead.Upper torso to be lighter in color.Bulls are darker head, neck and the front of the torso.


sale Schwyz breed cows produced both domestically and for export.For large livestock farms it is important to periodically acquire animals from other regions or countries.It is necessary for prevention of breed degeneration that occurs at a constant crossed within a herd.Furthermore, it is important to improve performance.

Private households prefer to buy cows for meat and dairy to implement the requirements of the district at the same time and in the milk and meat.In public and private enterprises of the country's milk is used not only for the production of dairy products, but also for use in its pure form.