Hunting and fishing in the Perm region.

in the Perm region is found a huge number of animals, including fur species and large carnivores.Moose and bear are common throughout the region.Cabana can not be found only in the north.In all other areas inhabited by wild boars everywhere.This hunt in droves only allowed on the rabbits, ducks, grouse, black grouse, grouse, geese and foxes.Valuable animal and larger animals can be killed, received a special license.In a year of such documents give a limited number.

Hunting and fishing in the Perm region and the mean fishing.In the wholesale scale to do this will not work according to a ban on certain types of specimens caught local aquatic fauna.But ordinary fishing rod is available everywhere, except for a few water reservoirs, and only for the period of spawning.

animal habitats in the region

At the moment, the area is divided into thirty-six areas where a large number of live animals.Here are the most popular land, which annually attracts a huge number of hunters:

  • Yurlinsky and Chernushensky chosen themselves bear, moose, upland game and smaller animals.Chusovskoy and fewer Cherdynsky different living creatures in the latter and the presence of birds such as waterfowl habitat in both places.
  • Another five areas do not differ in features from previous ones.It is worth noting that in the vicinity of the regional center is also usual beast, but because of the mass housing areas to hunt for him is difficult.
  • Kuedinsky The district can meet wild boar and elk, but only birds nest on the pond.In all other places allowed balanced and meet almost any kind of fauna is possible anywhere.
  • for fur animals (beaver, marten), and along with other aquatic species can also get interesting hunting and fishing.Perm region is famous for both, but the majority of the species and the families of the ban on hunting and fishing.

Currently, the region has two large protected areas and nineteen specialized official reserves.In the territories of these objects are not allowed to carry out active work for the destruction of animals without special documents presented huntsman or another member of the organization.

White-fronted Goose.Habitats

October Lakes region teeming with waterfowl.The main instance of this season is the traditional goose, white-fronted called.Rookery representative of Chukotka and is located on Novaya Zemlya to the Kanin Peninsula.Bird little less classic progenitor of the family - a gray goose.In addition to the size of the main difference is the color of the fountain.Although the game can be found only in the tundra, people are often interested in the shooting of it, otherwise why hunting and fishing?Perm region - one of the few areas of Siberia, where it is possible to combine several outdoor activities.

Hunting Tricks When shooting white-fronted goose

Due to unpredictable behavior and habits, according to statistics, the bird may get no more than seven percent of hunters, both professionals and amateurs.In order to emerge victorious in the struggle of human cunning and instinct game, you need to thoroughly prepare and study of the territory and the goose to obtain the in-depth knowledge.During training you can do skradka, profiles or stuffed.This approach is appropriate if being hunting and fishing in the Perm region in the (ducks, geese, fur or a large animal - does not matter), almost any kind of animal with little nuances for each representative fauna.

Fishing Paradise

In Russia, the more behind the Ural Mountains, the development of outdoor activities has excellent prospects.No exception, hunting and fishing in the Perm region, especially for the latter option.Rivers, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other bodies of water offer local residents and visitors to the region's excellent pastime for the purpose of catching underwater fauna.The main advantage of Siberian sites is considered to be access to nature throughout the year, both in summer and in winter.Therefore, hunting and fishing in the Perm region to attract a huge number of fans to sit with a fishing rod near a body of water, or wander through the forest belt, steppes and tundra with a gun at the ready.


At the moment, the most popular fish species in the region are grayling and trout.The rest of the items can be found in different regions of Siberia, and the two named representative - the pride of Perm fishermen and the main feature of the available space in the water.The main habitat was the Vishera River.

Here is easy to catch a big pike.Of course, it should be noted Kama, its swimming pool and pond.Here you can top up experience that will bring hunting and fishing in the Perm region, photographic or video surveillance of your company and the environment.

winter period

Beauty snowy field in conjunction with the ice-fishing will cause positive emotions even among the most experienced person.The main venue for the winter "pilgrimage" is considered Chusovskoye lake.Here you can catch roach, bream, perch, carp, pike and many other fauna.Hunting and fishing in the Perm region from December to March and made public in the waters or on a specially rented ponds and other artificial areas.