Oedipus complex, that it is according to Freud

If we talk about what is the Oedipus complex, according to Freud, this complex is mandatory and universal for all as a child.Oedipus complex, what is it?This is one of the concepts used in Freud's classical psychoanalysis to indicate contradictory attitude of the child to his parents.That is thus explained by the manifestation of the child's unconscious drives, which are accompanied by an expression of feelings of both love and hatred of the parents.

ancient Greek tragedy, which formed the basis of the Oedipus complex

Oedipus complex, that is, can be explained by the ancient Greek tragedies of Sophocles time "Oedipus Rex".In this tragedy tells of the unfortunate fate of Oedipus.Unconsciously he first kills his father Laius, then to become the husband of his mother Jocasta.After he learns from an oracle about the acts he committed, he blinds himself.

Because of this myth, Freud got the idea that emerged from the Oedipus complex in males.And, as Freud thought, this complex is inherent in every human being.He argued that our dreams prove that all, without exception, directed his first sexual attraction to his mother and his first desire to inflict violence - father.

Oedipus complex Freud

studying memories Adults observing children, Freud concluded that the manifestation of the Oedipus complex is universal.Boy in child erotically attached to his mother and wants to possess it.In this case, the father is seen as a hindrance to them.The girl also feels the need for removal of the mother, as has warm feelings toward his father.

Oedipus complex, it is Jung

in the psychoanalytic literature to denote the Oedipus complex in women, often use the concept introduced by Jung K.G - Electra complex.And it is also the name originates from the ancient Greek myth of the daughter of Agamemnon.In this tragedy Electra helped kill his mother, who was responsible for the death of his father.

But Freud, speaking on the topic of "Oedipus complex, what is it?", He believed that it is equally common to all people regardless of gender to which they belong.Freud justified by the fact that a person has masculine and feminine, and his bisexuality leads to the fact that the child can take the position of active or passive.

displacement of the Oedipus complex

According to Freud, the Oedipus complex begins to manifest itself in children aged 3 to 5 years.And each task - to overcome it, as this process is required for the child's development, characterized by the transition from the phase of infantile sexuality to the normal path of human development.If he persists in an unconscious child, it could cause neuroticism child and affect his psychological disorders as adults.

But despite the versatility of the complex, Freud still believed that boys and girls, it develops and expresses itself in different ways.Fear before the boy castration as punishment for attraction to the mother leads to the disgust of his Oedipus complex.And boy sublimate his desire for other, socially acceptable purposes.

girl, according to Freud, normally responds that it does not have a penis, but she feels jealousy to the body, which it does not, and wants to get it from his father.Wish it persists long enough period, so with the Oedipus complex girls parted slowly.But prolonged preservation of the girls of this complex helps prepare women for her puberty.