How to blow bubbles of gum right?

Probably each of us in childhood had at least one time to engage in such a fun and interesting activities like inflating bubbles of gum.But for all its seeming simplicity, most people are faced with problems such as gum sticking to his lips as a result of misuse of the inflated bladder.Therefore, in order to convert this activity into a true art to create a great and good mood will look at how to inflate bubbles of gum correctly.

buy gum

It would seem that complicated here: went to the store, bought any gum all.But here lies the first mistake, which is that at the moment there is a huge variety of flavors, and if you choose one that will have you do not like, then further action will lose its meaning.Therefore, in order to make your bubble gum turned out so right, should choose only those chewing gum, flavoring qualities which you are familiar.In addition, there are several types of chewing gum.For example, there are those that are not designed to inflate a large bubble than nullify all the fun, while others - generally too sticky, which in turn, greatly complicate removing them from the face, when suddenly the bubble will burst.


As you know, to get something at the appropriate level, a desire is not enough.Therefore, in order to no longer think about how to blow bubbles of gum, start small.

Unpack the package and take from it only 1 plate, but not the whole package, as does the majority of people.Then slowly zhuёm this record until until you feel it has become soft and smooth.In addition, specially advised not to stop until completely dissolve all the sugar crystals.Prepare to be that this process can take some time (2 to 10 minutes).But it should not overdo it, as if greatly lengthen the process, the gum will be very fragile, which in turn will not allow even the smallest inflate the bubble.

And here the fun begins ...

When the preparatory phase is finished, proceed to the main, namely the process of inflating a bubble of gum.As practice shows, to get the biggest bubble of gum, you need to adopt the plan:

  1. gum curl into a ball.For this we use the central part of the language in which the gum and hold until until it is the desired shape.
  2. Move received the ball as close to the front teeth and tongue change the shape of a sphere on a flat circle.
  3. Place a circle formed behind the front teeth and tongue begin to push through it until such time as he is covered with a thin layer of gum.

Remember that before you blow bubbles of gum, you need to carefully and accurately perform all the above actions, as one wrong move - and all have to start again.

final touch

Once the desired layer is ready, gently pull out his tongue out and is very easy to begin to blow.Feeling the movement of air, gently remove the gum from his mouth, thus forming a small ball.It is very important to blow, using the air from the lungs, not just the lips, as ordinary breathing is not enough to get a big enough bubble.Next, do not stop until until the bubble bursts.

Remember that there are plenty of tips on how to blow bubbles of gum, but nothing will replace regular practice.Because we all know that by trial and error, you can accomplish much on their own, most importantly, want it.