Living a newborn was found in a trash aircraft in the Philippines

Philippines recently shaken the news: the security of the capital airport Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport accidentally found in a dumpster toilets arrived from Bahrain airline Gulf Air aircraft live newborn baby!

Apparently, an unknown passenger airplane Bahraini airline Gulf Air secretly gave birth to a baby on board and left him in a dumpster in the toilet of the aircraft.

When, after planting, garbage containers were unloaded from an aircraft, an officer of the Philippine security forces said that in one of musorok something move.On closer inspection it turned out to be a newborn boy weighing 6 pounds - covered in blood, with a portion cut off the umbilical cord and wrapped in tissue paper.

foundling immediately taken to the airport clinic, where doctors and nurses examined it carefully, wash and fed milk from a bottle.The boy was named George Francis, the initials of the received code Bahraini airline GF.

Despite the dramatic circumstances, the baby, according to doctors, appeared healthy, and his skin quickly returns to normal for newborns shade.

The baby was transferred to the care of local social services, whose employees were shocked such treatment a mother with a newborn.They promised to try to find the child's mother or his relatives to give them the opportunity to give the boy and giving birth to atone for her the perfect thing to do.

If you find relatives foundling fails, it will try to choose the adoptive parents.

Quest shiftless mother busy and Philippine authorities intending to present her serious allegations of violations of the law.

local press suggests that the culprit of the incident could be one of the Filipinos returning home after working in the Middle East (in a factory or plant as a maid or nanny, etc.).

This is possible because, in the end, today one in ten Filipino earns a living for themselves and their families in other countries, as a "foreign worker".

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