Tips for Choosing Electric driers Hand

hand dryer has long been one of the essential pieces of equipment toilets in places with high traffic of people.Shopping centers, cinemas, railway stations, restaurants, bars and many other places set for hands Electric driers.In electric towels, certainly has advantages over paper.Consumption of paper towels difficult to control, as the visitors were pleased to tear off and double and even triple the rate of the paper.This means that the resupply of paper towels will often be necessary, and the cost will grow not only supplies, but also the maintenance of toilet facilities.

Selecting drying hand basically comes down to the definition of the desired housing material dryers, her appearance and reasonable price.Rukosushitelya housing may be of any impact-resistant plastic (ABS-plastic), or from a metal.Metal dryer, also called vandal-proof, it is best suited for places with high traffic.Of this group, you can choose the model of dryer even in appearance: the metal is shiny and matte or.For example, the shiny surface of the dryer will go well with chrome fixtures and matte dryer, less than Mark, looks presentable and more expensive.Plastic dryer course cheaper metal, so it will be a good alternative to paper towel dispensers.

Most elektrosushilok hand, offered on the market, are included automatically, thanks to non-contact infrared sensors.This is a convenient and hygienic option turned on.But if you have a small room, where the use of dryers may occur, including due to accidental contact with objects in its range, it will be better to install the hand dryer includes a button.

Those who want to buy an innovative option for hands Electric driers, go superfast energy saving dryers.Of course, such a model will be more expensive than their more modest counterparts, but they provide a very fast drying hands with a comfortable massage effect, and will be cost-effective due to the low power consumption (1-1,7kVt).Conventional Electric driers at the same capacity can be from 0,8kVt to 2,6kVt.