Bubble wrap - polyethylene film with a helpful bubbles

One very common types of plastic film to date is an air bubble wrap.
Made it out of the ordinary polyethylene film and is a two- or three-layer.One layer of which is intended for arranging a large number of bubbles containing air across the surface of such a film with small gaps between them, and the other layers are smooth polyethylene.It turns out that the main one or two flat layers of polyethylene film as if welded bubbles containing inside air.Air bubbles do diameter from six to thirty mm, height can also be different.Each air bubble in this film is a local enclosed space.Bubbles exist by themselves.If one of the vesicles leaky, and the rest will remain intact, containing air inside.
Due to this unique structure of bubble plastic film has a special value in the packaging of a variety of goods, materials, equipment, particularly fragile, fearful even stronger shakes and bumps.Bubble film is a good protect such products, equipment and materials during transport to different distances, including the big ones.

high damping properties that's one of the basic properties of this material.Through the air bubbles film perfectly dampens vibration and softens the blows.
Bubble film or bubble wrap with medium and large air bubbles and high-density polyethylene is almost universal.It is ideal for packing large and small precious objects, expensive furniture and electronics, antiques and delicate lighting, sanitary ware, tableware, conventional and mobile phones, office and computer equipment, etc .. This film is very helpful to maintain the appearance and integrityyour property at residential and office moving.For transport and storage of medical ampoules and the thin glass film is used with small diameter bubbles.
There is a variant of bubble plastic film with antistatic properties - such a film can be used for packaging items, instruments and equipment are afraid to electrostatic discharges.Such a film other than the air bubbles incorporates specific additives to provide protection against static electricity objects to be packaged.
resistance to mechanical stress and high density are required properties of the film.What Bubble film has high mechanical strength - you can make it if you try to break.As an experiment, you can puncture or cut any part of the air bubbles in the film, and then wrap it that be, and you will see even half of bubbles tear film does not lose all of their properties and will be a good cushion for the object wrapped in it.In this case it is absolutely elastic material and which takes the form of a packaged object in it.
Of all the bubble wrap three-layer film Brand VP-3-25-150 considered the most durable.By TU density is 150 g / m2, and air bubbles of such a film reaches the size 25 x 8 mm.A large number of rolls of film so willingly buy furniture factories and shops, the production for the production of doors, as well as transportation companies that use such material for packaging transported them baths, doors, table tops etc ..
Two areas that are widely usedair bubble plastic film is - to use in a variety of building and construction and decoration works and agriculture.But this will be discussed in our next article.

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