The ministers of religious worship.

In today's society mnogokonfessionnom each one more or less numerous religious groups divided by the flock, that is, the parishioners of a temple, and those in charge of the administration (the priests).Despite the diversity of church life religious ministers, as they are called in official documents, have some similarities.They should be good psychologists, to use the authority, be proficient in spoken language, have a high level of intelligence and know the spiritual literature, sanctifying paradigms they present denomination.

priests as ministers of religious cult called the Orthodox Church, and are under constant public scrutiny.The most popular in our country, the religious community is the subject of "hunting for souls" on the part of overseas sects need to replenish the flock, so any flaws in the behavior of Orthodox priests are the theme for "exposing material" lightning fill the media.While most ministers of the ROC is a decent way of life, into the public consciousness stubbornly embedded image of the "priest in the Mercedes," steeped in luxury and breaks all the commandments of God.

there are Catholic religious ministers.As they are called?Priest.They provide spiritual flock papal decoration of the Roman Church.Their work means media sanctified unfairly rare.The majority of Catholic priests - people are worthy, just so happened that the influence of the Vatican in Russia is small.Moreover, in recent years, the Roman Church has set a target to increase its popularity in the West, she went to considerable ideological concessions and pursued a policy of ecumenism, which in turn adds to her followers among our fellow citizens, mostly attracted to traditional moral values.

Protestant ministers of worship are usually called pastors.These include Lutheran priests, uniting believers of ethnic Germans and representatives of American origin denominations (Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and others.).Representatives of overseas sects are active in attracting new followers.For this purpose, printed colorful brochures, and adherents of the Protestant denominations give birth theosophical conversations with passers-by on the streets and sometimes go from door to door handing out religious literature.Lutheran pastors behave with restraint.

large percentage of Russians is Muslim.Muslim religious ministers, as they are called - mullahs hold religious origin in the mosques.Their role in the formation of public morality and great, and for the most part they are adequately cope with it.Exceptions are extremist organizations calling for an aggressive fight.They are condemned by representatives of Islam, preaching civil peace and religious tolerance.

considerable influence on the minds and have a Jewish religious ministers.As they are called, is known to all, it is the rabbis.In addition to worship in their duties and public functions are included.Thus, in case of disputes rabbi can act as an arbitrator.

All priests, regardless of denomination, there is a common feature.They just have to be interesting people, otherwise they do not seize the attention of parishioners.