How to reduce the sight in CSS V34?

Team shooter - a game in which users are divided into two opposing teams and perform their task.This may be the easiest mode - kill all enemies and try not to die.But there are others - for example, one team must plant a bomb and blow up the level, and the other is obliged to prevent this.

Sometimes the team needs to rescue the hostages, sometimes - to hold a certain point on the map, and so on.In general, the options are many, and they vary from game to game.But the fact remains that you need a high enough skill level to succeed in this game.After all, you are up against the same as you, the user, rather than artificial intelligence.So here you will need absolutely all methods available that can help you achieve perfection.It is important to all - even the size of the sight.The following discussion focuses on how to reduce the sight in CSS v34, as well as earlier versions of the project.

Reducing the size of the sight in the pirated version

how easy it is to understand the size of the sight - this is a very important parameter.After all, by default it is quite large, which does not allow you to properly aim.So many players are wondering about how to reduce the scope.

The CSS V34 in previous versions of this game is done in different ways, so you should consider both options.

first pay attention to the pirated version, which has long been used by gamers, it has not yet happened update, a lot has changed in the game, including the team responsible for the change of scope.

So, you need a console command cl_crosshairscale - it is responsible for the size of your sight.If you set the value lower than 2000, then your aim will be closer to the standard, but if you increase the value within 5000, it will be a little less - but not too much.If you continue to increase this parameter up to twenty thousand, you get a small sight.

If you need a barely noticeable sight, then enter a value greater than forty thousand - then you will be able to aim perfectly to any part of the body with maximum accuracy, but must also not lose sight of the tiny dots on the screen.Now that you know the command pirated version of the game and know how to reduce the sight.In the process CSS V34 is a bit different, but this will be discussed later.Who should consider other actions that you can easily make with your sight.

Elimination expansion

Everyone who played in the CSS, knows that when firing your weapon sight expands.And the longer the queue, so it is more - and the higher the spread of bullets.

Now you know how to reduce the sight in CSS, V34 - is the version that you do not allow to eliminate the extension, so the Council will only fit to owners of pirated versions.

You need a team cl_dynamiccrosshair, for which you will need to register to "0" - if such a combination of sight will always be the form that you want to ask, the expansion will not occur.In fact, you get a kind of a laser sight for CSS, V34-user version deprived of this opportunity, and it is in some sense true, because the use of such a team can not be called honest.

Discoloration sight

Many users resent why they should always be black sight for CSS V34 or earlier (it does not matter).After all, black sight, especially if it is reduced in size, some general background is not visible.And it brings a lot of inconvenience.

can solve this problem using the same console commands - enter cl_crosshaircolor, and you get the opportunity to change the color of your sight.A value of "0" gives a green color, a "1" - red, "2" - Blue, "3" - yellow, and "4" - blue.As you can see, the options are not so many, but this deficiency was corrected during the upgrade, so that you can paint in any color your cross sights.For CSS V34 general all teams are different, so it's time to pay attention to this version.

Size sight in the licensed version

If you are the owner of the licensed version of the game with the latest updates, the usual command to change the size of the sight of you will fail.Now you will need to use the cl_crosshairsize.Standard sight for CSS V34 is given by the value "1", and a decrease in sight occurs when you specify a higher value for the command.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, so very much, these changes nothing on impact.

Color sight in the licensed version

As previously mentioned, the color of the sight in the new version everything was much better.As before, you can use the cl_crosshaircolor and five values ​​to "4", which were previously available.But if you want you can set the value of "5", and get access to the color scale.At the command prompt, cl_crosshaircolor_r, cl_crosshaircolor_g and cl_crosshaircolor_b, and after each of them, as you may have guessed, you will need to enter a value of "0" to "255".This color scale RGB, which allows you to use the numeric value of the specified sight absolutely any color.

If you are unfamiliar with this scale, you can use any table in the network or the palette in the "Photoshop" - where you can choose the color that you enjoy and you will be presented with its RGB-code that you enter inmatch.

thickness sight

In addition, the game has been added to the team cl_crosshairthickness, which allows you to increase or decrease the size not the sight, and the thickness of its lines.Thus, you can make your small and convenient, but poorly conspicuous sight, more obvious on the screen.You exciting games!