12 beauty secrets that do not tolerate men

Trying to enchant men and to attract their attention, the fair sex are going to make any sacrifice beauty.However, not all of their tricks are successful.And often some of the secrets of beauty that women seem to be win-win, the man regarded as ridiculous errors.What?

1. elaborate hairstyles

Many women spend hours in front of the mirror in order to build itself a complicated hairstyle.Often the result is something grotesque or more suitable for carnival or a photo shoot.But men love the natural curls.They irritate the sticky varnish and wax hair, to which it is impossible to touch.But do not run and do your hair: unkempt and messy hair - as unattractive for gentlemen.

2. The abundance of tonal resources

Tone Cream is created in order to effectively hide minor imperfections such as blemishes, pimples, dark circles under the eyes and fine lines.But this cream should not be visible to others.Unfortunately, not every woman knows how to use it correctly.You can often meet a lady with a thick layer of the tool, which resembles a face mask unnatural.Men are unlikely to attract such an image.

3. Flicker and gloss on the eyelids

Of course, if you are not a professional make-up artist, then it is advisable to abandon the flickering shadows on the brilliant centuries.The fact that few people know how to use them properly.Such shadows are generally very unevenly borne by the folds of the eyelids, and as a result is not achieved quite the desired effect.Optimal use of matte shadows, which are much easier to apply.

4. False eyelashes

False eyelashes will look good except for a masquerade.The same applies to the excess mascara.It not only will make your eyes alluring and sexy as you'd like, but also mutilate the whole image as a whole.Use only good quality mascara that does not leave clumps on the eyelashes.Feel free to experiment with several brands and choose the one product that is not smeared and exactly lays down.Do not forget to use a special thick brush to comb eyelashes and clumps are removed from the carcass.

5. Increased hairiness

though men themselves sometimes forget to shave, but women still prefer a smooth skin.So you should take care of it.Bikini area, legs and underarms should be perfectly shaved.Believe me, it plays an even greater role than successfully applying makeup and talking about your neatness and cleanliness.If you just too lazy to shave every day, use the waxing or other more permanent types of hair removal.

6. Dry skin

to dry skin is very unpleasant to touch.Groomed rough heels and elbows look disgusting.And do not think that men do not notice them.This is very striking.Use moisturizers, creams and lotions.

7. yellow teeth and bad breath

opposite sex is hardly ugly teeth and will draw a sharp breath.The reason for the lack of long-term fans may be just that.If you smoke a lot, drink alcohol, coffee, tea or occasionally forget to brush your teeth, this problem is likely to affect you.Do not forget to visit your dentist and use whitening pastes.

8. blurred lipstick

If you are going to a restaurant, make sure you think about how your lips will look after dinner.To lipstick smeared, it is desirable to use strong means.In addition, for such events better lipstick lipstick color as close as possible to the tone of the lips.

9. The abundance of spirits

Perfume - is a way to express their individuality and.Many also poured over by polflakona this aromatic means to kill an unpleasant smell or attract someone's attention.Such a step is likely to cause rejection of nearby people, both men and women.A few drops of your favorite fragrance on your wrist or behind the ear will be enough.

10. preening on people

Men are not interested in knowing what it is that makes you attractive.Engage makeup at home or without witnesses - not to destroy illusions.

11. Bright manicure

little which of the stronger sex like the bright shades of nail polish on the nails of women.Natural and natural - is always a price.So, going on a first date, do not experiment with acidic or too bright colors of lacquer.It is better to opt for the already proven soothing pastel shades.

12. Stoop

Even if a woman is perfect, a great disadvantage in its way may be just hunched spin.Grace and femininity has always embodied in men with a straight back and outstretched neck.Do not spoil their image.Especially since the stoop very negative impact on health.

Do not think that men are too primitive and limited to questions of aesthetics.Next to them they do not want to see the made-up Barbie as a real woman of natural beauty and grace.

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