School bus with the engine fighter "Phantom" - taking care of children?

American Paul Stender (Paul Stender) - a talented engineer, worried about addiction today's children to computers and the problem of child drug addiction.

This amazing man has chosen an original way to deal with drug and computers - has created a new school bus with a powerful engine of a fighter "Phantom"!

So Paul Stender from Indianapolis, along with his friends from the company Indy Boys, created a new vehicle, providing a normal yellow school bus from the famous powerful engine model aircraft - fighter "Phantom."

According to the engineer, he had to redo much of the bus, which is now 95 per cent consists of a metal more suitable aircraft "Boeing 747".All of this - to the machine, is now able to accelerate to 367 miles per hour, simply did not fall to pieces.

new school bus Stender is not only able to develop the above mentioned speed, and is equipped with special parachutes for braking, and also produces a broad band of smoke and a tongue of flame 80 feet long.Walking path in the quarter-mile, the car burns 150 gallons of fuel!

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But most interesting is that the inventor claims that really made this a super school bus for the children!

«I created my bus, the plane is not just to entertain people - Stender told reporters.- I would like to take care, especially for children.First, they show that the aircraft - it's cool, and drugs - it is bad, and they can not indulge. "

«Secondly, I spend a demonstration of my car in front of groups of schoolchildren and travels on it at American schools - continued Paul.- The purpose of all this - to protect children from getting used to a more pernicious forms of modern technology.Let them see that riding on my bus - more life and adrenaline than the constant sitting behind a computer. "

were at izobratetelya and personal reasons for creating amazing machine."I grew up on a farm and has always sought to educate themselves.However, I did not like school, and especially could not stand those long trips on the slow creeping school bus - admitted Stender.- So, the appearance of super-bus - probably my little revenge: Now students can race on lessons and home with the same speed, which I prefer. "

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