What a dream coming for us: what dreams that gather mushrooms?

Today we will discuss the "mushroom" a dream ... Yes, my friends, in this article we'll go for a walk in the woods and find out what dreams that gather mushrooms!Let's start!

Son - will of fate!

Since ancient times, people have begun to give their dreams a special meaning.They believed that any picture, which I saw in a dream, is this or that person warning sign for the future.Even emperors and other rulers had their own sages and interpreters - interpreters of dreams.On the basis of various laws, which portends different dreams were made modern interpreters of our dreams - downers.

What dreams that gather mushrooms

common interpretation

Just note that the unanimous opinion of the commentators did not come.All depends on whether it is edible mushrooms, as they look exactly where you are and collect them from the other nuances.The general opinion of our commentators over whether what dreams mushroom picking, as follows: mushrooms in a dream means your careless and foolish desires.Their collection is akin to counting the bills in the stack.The bigger and harder you collect them - the larger will be your amount.

Some commentators, answering the question: "What dreams that gather mushrooms?"- Are generally given some terrible treatment.For example, David Lofa argues that such a dream foretells see coffins.In other words, you will receive an invitation to someone's funeral.Evgeny Tsvetkov said that the collection of edible mushrooms - good luck and poisonous - a deception by acquaintances.

Dream Miller.What dreams mushrooms

  1. Collect mushrooms in a dream, according to Miller - to the remuneration of any of your work.
  2. If you collect the white mushrooms, then come the beginning of a new business, new plans, which later will bring you good profits!
  3. If you eat cooked mushrooms (such as butter mushrooms or mushrooms) with sour cream, then your life will be contentment and joy.
  4. Mushrooms dreamed girls are a bad sign.In the future, such person will not be able to experience true love for her husband.As a result, they leave their families in search of dubious pleasures lesbian character ...
  5. see yourself in a dream in the meadow mushroom - to trouble waking.Be careful, because your imaginary friends and waiting in the wings to annoy you properly!

What dreams that gather mushrooms.Dream Interpretation Vanga

  1. Mushrooms - a symbol of suspicion and caution.Not for nothing in the folk tales, evil witches poisoned his potion by them, nasylaya people spoilage.In addition, the cooked food was able to bewitch anyone.Gathering berries - attracts unsavory situations in which you need to be on guard!
  2. If they collect dream woman who can not get pregnant, then after seeing her problem is much simpler.
  3. If you collect poisonous mushrooms, then in front of you waiting for a good change.
  4. to go to sleep in the woods for mushrooms whole family - the family well-being!
  5. dreams in front of you a huge amount of a variety of mushrooms, but you can not collect them?Awake your efforts will be in vain.