Dream Interpretation: chickens - for better or for worse?

Why dream of chicks?Will tell you the dream book.Chickens - a symbol that can be interpreted in different ways.Later in the article we will talk about what to remove these little yellow lumps.Here is what the dream book.Chickens - a sign that your life will be something new.Like all animals, they predict a new purchase, purchase.Another option - the appearance in your life a little bit of a foolish person, even a friend.Psychological dream book says otherwise.In contrast to the previously set options, here we have a warning.Thus, chickens.according to the psychological dream book, portend a quick illness or even death.Believe it or not - everyone decides for himself.As it is - is not the only dream book.Chickens, chickens - harbingers of a hassle.There comes a time when it is difficult to distinguish the beneficial effects of the senseless waste of time.

But others say the dream book.Chickens in the dream symbolize the same troubles, however, they are associated with your business.And that's about it and have to plead.But downers agree that there is a chicken in a dream not good.There is no indication is not very good personal qualities of a person who eats a bird, or a warning about a meeting with a similar subject.Thus, if you are eating chicken in a dream, it points to your ego and warns that your problems may get worse.But it's not all that prevents the dream book.Chickens running around the yard in a dream, indicates that you are plotting against the machinations of your enemies.At the same time, cook the chicken - pretty good sign.So, the man cooking the chicken on fire - a good family man and has the potential to soon get married.

different interpretation gives the English dream book.Hen with chickens - a harbinger of a bad harvest, as well as what your favorite soon you leave, joining his life with another person.If a child dreamed of chickens, it indicates that he feels weak, vulnerable and in need of support and love of family.

Slavic dream book, treats chickens in a dream really twofold.On the one hand, chickens promise profit and pleasure.And on the other - the trouble and problems.Therefore, the interpretation is very important to look at the conditions in which you had a dream that still dreamed except the chickens as they dreamed.

Ironically, far from gone Slavic Russian folk dream book.Chickens then act as a weak people or children.So if you see a lost chicken, it means that you pokrovitelstvuete weaker and trying to protect him.If your dream chicken drinking water, it means that you often make hasty decisions without thinking over the pros and cons.Much the same can be said if you dream you are holding a chicken.Do not hurry to make decisions and proposals for cooperation, without checking how your partner is reliable and that can stand for his affectionate words.

If the prediction of family concerns, in this case, the chicks talk about successful initiatives, pleasant chores.It is also believed that a man who dreams of chickens will be happy to soon fulfill family responsibilities.That's all that says the dream book.Chickens, chickens can promise as income and chores.