"Kinovskaya" greenhouse: user reviews and advice during assembly

Not far off the holiday season, and the dream of any summer resident - is to have a greenhouse to grow a good crop.Today we will speak about such a greenhouse made of polycarbonate.Any gardeners is making great efforts to grow a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.But to get a good yield and high-grade is a necessary condition.And having in his backyard greenhouse, will make it much easier.

Properties greenhouse

«Kinovskaya" Galicia has great differences from their predecessors, made of glass.And a material such as polycarbonate, a plurality of advantages.Manufacturers have made great strides in the issuance of this type of greenhouse.Firstly, it is not necessary to dismantle the winter, it will stay all the fine snow time, and secondly it retards the harmful ultraviolet radiation and, thirdly, provides uniform distribution of light, which helps the plants thrive.

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya": reviews

great advantage of the greenhouse is its weight, it is only 50 kilograms, so the installation does not need additional help.Greenhouse "Kinovskaya" user feedback collected only positive.

Such construction is very compact, that the carriage of practical and convenient.Included are additional fixing, it will greatly facilitate the assembly.In this greenhouse is available and acceptable price.The advantage is the fact that during its installation can be dispensed without a foundation, and this, as you know, the extra costs.And last (and important) factor is that the manufacturer gives a warranty on it, and in case of unforeseen circumstances and failure is always possible to contact the manufacturer.

parameters and dimensions of the greenhouse

«Kinovskaya" greenhouse has a standard size, and before buying it would be better acquainted with them:

  1. width of 3 meters.
  2. height of 2.10 meters.
  3. length of 4 meters (insert 2 meters).
  4. frame - galvanized steel cover - polycarbonate.

Care greenhouse

Any, even the street construction in need of care.So for a greenhouse to care several times a year.In early spring it is necessary to wash both inside and outside, it is quite simple: by using a soap solution and rags.This cleaning should be performed before each new crop sowing.Use a stiff brush and a sponge is strictly prohibited, it could damage the polycarbonate, it is best to use a soft sponge or cloth.In the winter care will not take a lot of time sufficient snow accumulation periodically clean soft broom.

assembly greenhouse "Kinovskaya": tips for assembling

In each case has its own nuances, it concerns and build our greenhouses.Experts advise to listen to the views and enjoy smart tips:

  1. advance think over the place for the installation.Select a site that is well lit, and you're sure that your "Kinovskaya" hothouse get enough sunlight.The surface should be smooth as possible to prevent curvature and various leaks.
  2. If you do decide to make a foundation, choose a brick, concrete or aerocrete curb.Wooden beams for the foundations do not serve a long time, and therefore not worth the risk.The most reliable and durable materials for the foundation is solid, but for him around the perimeter will have to dig a trench.
  3. sure to take a few vents.Even if they have not finished the greenhouse provided, be sure to make them yourself - any greenhouse should be well ventilated.

Greenhouse "Kinovskaya" assembly instructions that are included in the scope of delivery can be mounted on their own, without the help of professionals.

Tips for Choosing greenhouses

few tips for choosing the greenhouse polycarbonate help sort out this issue.Greenhouse best suited galvanized frame.In the future, it will save you from unnecessary hassle and no problems related to the corrosion of the metal.So pay attention to it immediately upon purchase.Of course, using only the familiar polycarbonate producer, in any case do not buy a Chinese fake, its quality for a long time does not inspire confidence.Get ready with a greenhouse window, to continue to not have to do them yourself, the plant is constantly in need of fresh air.If you select, you will take into account these several factors, your greenhouse will serve you for 20 years, and does not deliver a hassle to use.

Manufacturers have taken care of that the acquisition and assembly of the buyer did not have problems.Therefore, it becomes more profitable to buy ready-made greenhouse and simply collect it on his site than wrestle with how to build it yourself.We all want to have a year-round fresh crop of vegetables on your table, so acquiring a greenhouse polycarbonate, we do not just spend money and take an assistant in the economy that will serve us for a long time.

«Kinovskaya" Galicia is a handy tool to create the most favorable conditions for growing a wide variety of crops.