Wedding night in Islam - time special tenderness

Wedding night - anxious time full of mystery, excitement and anticipation.How to prepare yourself for a magical sacrament?Wedding night in Islam - a special time.The girl just left the parental home for the first time knows the man.It is modest and innocent.That is why a husband should be particularly careful and gentle with her.The Prophet said that women are like flowers: they are beautiful, but their petals are delicate and fragile.Handle with his wife on the first night as a man has a gentle, vulnerable flower.What does the sacrament of Islam?First wedding night should begin with prayer.Beautifully dressed, anoint the couple, left alone, could treat each other juice and sweets and then individually perform two rak'at prayer, asking God to fill their lives with happiness, love and abundance.Namaz carrying a powerful psychological impact, to help newlyweds relax and tune in the desired fashion.Wedding Night (Islam does not forbid a relationship at this time, but does not insist on them) should take place in an atmosphere of affection.Naturally, if the night falls on women during physiological days, the proximity should be moved to another time.

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Patience and delicacy

husband is not necessary to undress wife: it can be very confusing innocent girl.It is better to remove clothes behind a screen, and from the underwear can be eliminated in bed, under the covers.Wedding night in Islam must take place in the darkness, so the bride will be less embarrassed, it will not scare the form of a man, whom she first sees the naked.A man should not hurry, he can not act tough.Indiscretion can lead to the fact that the bride forever there an aversion to the sacrament of marriage.Wedding night in Islam - the possibility for a spouse to show affection, tenderness and tolerance inherent in this man.In order to get a lot of sweat, on the first night a man should no longer give.When the young will lie in bed, the husband has to put his hand on the forehead of his wife and ask Allah to bless the marriage, and the mystery of it, to send a lot of children and spouses to the mutual love and understanding.After that, young people can begin to mutual affection and love games.If a man could and delicate, the girl will gradually relax, it will cease to hesitate, starts to bestow her husband tenderness and affection.You should not rush to defloration: rough intercourse can cause vaginismus girl.This disease, which is expressed in a painful spasm of the female organs, can permanently damage the private lives of the couple.

Manual relatives

In some families decided to expect the end of the wedding night under the door the young, to I am sure that the young - a virgin.This attitude can cause deep emotional wounds the young, especially the bride.It can not be done.Islam prescribes not to spy, do not spy on others.Waiting at the door and the subsequent demonstration of the sheet there is nothing but a violation of the requirements of the Koran, leading to Jarama.Wedding night in Islam must remain forever a mystery, the details of which are known only two people.