Activities un - classification and description

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Individual entrepreneurs have the rights and civic duties that are necessary for the conduct of various activities, if they are not prohibited by law.Some activities require a license, SP, and the list is determined by law.

Activities u are divided into the following groups:

- common species;

- species that are licensed;

- species which require additional approvals and permits;

- activities that are not available for the IP.

usual activities un - can deal with them immediately after the registration as an individual entrepreneur.These types do not involve obtaining various permits and other approvals.

Due to the simplicity of design of such activities, there are many.The basic requirement kotorymu must meet these activities un is their safety for human life and health.

Data types include:

- a variety of services, such as domestic, legal, consulting, accounting, secretarial and other;

- any creative activity;

- renting the property;

- rental of household appliances and personal items;

- any form of advertising;

- execution of printing and publishing services, but only those that do not relate to protection against counterfeit products;

- holding individual teaching activities;

- wholesale trade in goods that do not require a license;

- Load transportation capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes.

to conduct certain types of business activities must obtain a license.It provides the licensing authority.These activities include:

- tourist activity;

- pharmaceutical activities;

- frequent detective work;

- passenger and freight modes of transport such as air, rail, sea.

For activities that require coordination and resolution, a special license is not required, but you must obtain permission special supervisory bodies, for example, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the sanitary-epidemiological service and other similar instances.

There is also a list of activities that are closed to the individual entrepreneur.This is a fairly large portion of areas, including:

- trade, both wholesale and retail, alcoholic beverages and their production;

- production, repair, test aircraft, which has a dual purpose;

- development, production, trade in arms and ammunition;

- exhibiting, collecting and disposal of ordnance;

- production, storage, use, distribution of explosive materials as well as production and distribution of pyrotechnics such articles IV and V classes;

- work on the effects on the hydro-meteorological and geophysical processes and phenomena;

- carrying out private security activities;

- employment of citizens outside the Russian Federation;

- cultivation of plants that are used in the manufacture of psychotropic and narcotic drugs;

- space activities;

- any activity related to pension funds and pension schemes.

Thus, there are different types of FE.Qualifier will help determine the activity code that you have selected.It will be necessary to you immediately, even when filling in the application for registration.

Use classifier is simple, it is divided into sections and chapters.Each activity has a five-digit code, which fits into the documents.If the classifier is not activity that you are going to do, it is necessary to specify a code that indicates the species is not included in it.