Reincarnation UAZ 3303. Tuning domestic car

Tuning has always been a way to allocate your car from the general monotony.At the same time the correct tuning can not only visually improve the car, but also to make it more comfortable and practical.Today, a large number of owners of the works of the domestic auto industry plagued by substandard upgrade their cars, which further shortens the life of the car.But if you approach the issue of tuning correctly, your car will last you much longer.Let us consider the example of Russian UAZ 3303. Tuning of the car - a very common phenomenon, allowing to feel like a mechanic.

Thanks domestic engineers

Fatherland engineers designed the machine so that the owner has a wide range of activities that can be carried in a car UAZ 3303. Tuning their own hands quite easy to implement, even in his garage.But still need to know the specific features of the structure of the car.You have the ability to tune the chassis, exterior and interior add to the comfort of your cabin UAZ 3303. Tuning will consist of upgrading and strengthening the body, so the car after the improvement can be called SUV.As a general rule, it applies to the modernization of the wheelbase.UAZ 3303, tuning is performed

often has off-road tires widebody kit and power.But all in order.

Replacement rubber

first thing you should do for your car - is to change the wheel.UAZ 3303 will tune your indispensable friend while hunting, fishing or simply travel in obvious off-road.In the forests of our country are often found shallow river, and after heavy rains most of the land is submerged in mud.Therefore, the best solution is to install rubber, which is the ability to overcome these obstacles.The ideal size of a rubber can be up to 25 inches.UAZ 3303, tuning you going to do, and need to strengthen the suspension.

Strengthening vehicle frame

The fact that the installation of large-size rubber entails potential damage to the suspension of the car, which is simply not designed for such shenanigans.In addition, the procedure is lifting the suspension will protect you from possible damage wheelarches new rubber.Yes and the machine will find a hitherto unprecedented patency of off-road, which is full of holes and other irregularities.

Similar results can be achieved by spending time on the installation of spacers.UAZ 3303, tuning you are going to carry out, it must be reinforced bottom, and if this feature does not have a car, you need to take care of the installation.The reasons for the need to protect the bottom are frequent large branches falling under the vehicle.

Mounting winch

now turn to the winch.In off-road terrain, there are occasions in which you may have to get out of the trouble.When you sat down in the dirt, and not a soul around, the winch will be your savior.In addition, you will have an opportunity to help his comrades on the road.UAZ 3303 can be set both electric and hydraulic winches.The difference between these types of essential, because the latter is more reliable, it is preferred most of the off-road enthusiasts.The advantage of hydraulics is that it is more powerful and is powered by the engine that pressurizes.Its electric competitor shall work through the battery, reduces life expectancy than the last.

to strengthen cockpit set kenguryatnik.This will serve as a protective arc in contact with the car trees and other obstacles and placing spotlights on cabin in handy at night.You can also carry out interior tuning: to make it sound insulation and to deliver a more comfortable seat.If you can not live without music, you will need to contact the company that is installing car sound tuning UAZ 3303. Photos look great.With the right approach from our domestic car can make a "candy", because cross of this machine are the envy of even the most expensive SUV.