How warm and how to glaze the balcony?

For residents of those areas where winter temperatures drop below minus 10 degrees, the ability to glaze the balcony allows to increase by a few degrees the temperature in any room.Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance about the measures to be taken.In extreme cold it is very important, especially if the heating system in the house does not meet the standards.

think about the insulation of the apartment, there should be the possibility of replacing old windows with modern double-glazed window units with.Glazed balcony can be as aluminum and plastic.It all depends on your plans and capabilities.If you wish to receive a warm facade, use plastic windows.The thickness profile can be taken from 62 mm.This is enough to establish the single-chamber glass.In order to create a small room was a comfortable stay, it is necessary to sheathe balcony inside.You can use wood or plastic wall.On the floor lay tile or linoleum.Do not forget the ceiling, it is also necessary to insulate.

device for the winter garden is better to glaze a balcony plastic windows with a wider profile and use a thick glazed.Wall insulation sheathing, and floor equipped warm.In this case, you get a great room, where the plants will grow.And by the want to sit in a fragrant oasis, especially when the window snow and frost.Instead of a warm floor can be set one or two batteries for heating.But it is quite troublesome task.Modern technologies allow to use a simpler solution with the lowest cost.But this, of course, exotic.Few people allow themselves such luxuries.

Simply balcony glazing aluminum profiles.The prices depend on the type of installed material.For cold variant glazing sliding doors using a single glass.In most cases a thickness of 4 mm.For high constructions taking 5 mm.The convenience of this option - the method of opening.Valves goes away, without the interior.

glazed balcony can be using frameless glass.It is kind of a sliding opening, improved version.It cost a bit more expensive.This type of glass allows you to fold the flaps, leading them to one side, leaving free the horizon.Choosing the material, you can stay on the cheapest option with wooden windows in a single glass.But in 10-15 years glazing it is necessary to change.

Any of the options sounded good in their own way.You choose what you want more.Sometimes it is enough just to change the windows in the apartment, and establish a good heaters.Some construction companies are already in the construction of the house lay the balcony glazing in the project.This creates additional advantages.Front of the house looks attractive, but the owners of apartments less problems.The solution to glaze the balcony should be according to your wishes.Either one can be good for you.