How to choose the perfect door for the bathroom?

Renovation of bathrooms - is a complex activity, as well as any kind of repair.In order to greatly speed up the renovation of the bathroom, you need to calculate and plan everything in detail nuances, choose wall coverings, choose plumbing, floor.We will help you choose the perfect door, suitable for your bathroom.Immediately, the customer needs to understand what qualities today should have your door in the bathroom.

What priority parameters to consider when selecting the door for the bathroom.

resistance to moisture.
bathroom - the space inside which is always a high humidity, or rather couples.This truth tells us that the door to the bathroom must be protected from bad influences from moisture and high temperature.Especially it concerns the very small bathrooms.If you are renovating a small room, be sure to make sure that the door would have been resistant to moisture.Bathroom huge permissible and standard doors (of course, if you are absolutely sure that the selected doors in the area of ​​high humidity does not fall).

Modern bathroom door can be divided into two main types: solid and glazed.It is also very popular in the interior doors are applied by only high-quality glass or stained glass.Actual question in the design of the door for the bathroom - the color and tint.On the front side, it is necessary to do so, that would be on the door perfectly fit into the environment exterior corridors and on the other - that combined with an interior bathroom.How to solve this problem?There may be two.The first of the outputs: door count is part of the hall and do it in the style of the other corridor doors.Next out - door trim on both sides, seemingly in harmony with a lounge inside, just like the bathroom.Location

very important to pay attention to the width of the corridor.Now the bathroom all made to install hinged doors, but these require a huge space in width.In small and very narrow corridors look great sliding doors, as they save the desired visual space in the room.But still, the choice of model of the door for the bathroom is a matter of taste is the owner of the apartment or house.

"Excellent" - you will say - "but how do I do if the choice is between a glass, plastic, wood door for the bathroom? What to buy?".It is necessary to consider all three options now to reduce the maximum time to repair the bathroom or shower room Kiev.

doors of glass hardly undergo deformation totally resistant to moisture and light is passed into the room.Doors made of glass can be processed by any detergent, wash, wipe wet washcloth.In our time at the top of the popularity of frosted glass, trimmed with metal or plastic, and glass door with an opaque image.To create the glass doors used a unique shock-resistant glass.

That's why, if you need absolutely moisture resistant bathroom door - order model is made of glass.

Natural wooden door - the best solution if you like classic doors and follow the old traditions in the interior.Make sure that the timber from which the doors are made of wood, was well covered with a thick layer of high-quality varnish.Lac perfectly protects the wooden door of the high humidity, water effects, prevents the formation of mold or mildew.

Doors Bathroom of medium density fiberboard as demand and popular among the population of the CIS.The surface of the door perfectly simulates the kind of tree and the properties are not inferior to any parameters of wood products.Such doors of medium density fiberboard doors will cost you less out of wood, but will be pleased with all the classic design will go great in harmony with the room.

That's why, if you are a true follower of classical solutions - draw your attention to the various doors of wood or medium density fiberboard.

Doors made of plastic is not inferior to the quality of glass and wood.These doors are designed from materials without toxic additives.On these doors also did not affect the harmful effects of water.The main rule - do not combine plastic door in the lobby, with wooden doors, as the contrast is too obvious and totally appropriate.Very carefully choose the color and finish of the plastic door.In plastic doors have one important advantage over other doors - this is their low cost.

If you decide to save, while the door of plastic will be a great option for interiors.