Game Dishonored: system requirements for PC

Today there was a revival of games in the genre of stealth - before there were very few, and not all of them were of high quality.But now gradually emerging projects and even entire series, which attracted the attention of millions of gamers.One of these masterpieces was the game Dishonored, the system requirements for which will be described in more detail in this article.Here, you will assume the role of a man who was accused of murdering his family and made an outcast.Your goal - to take revenge on the real killer and restore his name.And it can make you the most unusual ways.This game deserves a lot of different awards, it has a very positive and very high marks, so you should definitely pay attention to it.But before that it is important that you make sure that your computer will be able to start this project without any problems.That is why before you buy you should check all the basic settings on your PC, comparing them with those described in the system requirements.As always, there are the minimum and recommended requirements.In the first case, you can simply run the game on low settings - when installing a high quality, you can feel the brakes, bugs and glitches.In the second case, identifies those configurations that require you to make the game started up at maximum settings and working at the same time without any problems.

Operating System

So for the game Dishonored system requirements are no different from what you've seen in other video games.There are many options out there that are indicated, however, pay attention to you first need some of them.First, check your operating system.The game was released in 2012, so you can not worry if you have a Windows XP - while developers have not abandoned the platform, so many advanced games are still coming out with the support of the OS.Accordingly, in Dishonored system requirements include support for the operating system, but note that it is marked only the minimum requirements.This means that you may be experiencing some problems with the launch, as well as some difficulties during the game.Therefore, you had better pay attention to what the OS marked in the recommended requirements.

Recommended requirements OS

As you know, in the case of Dishonored system requirements for the operating system are also divided on the minimum and recommended.You will be able to run the game, even if you will be on the computer running Windows XP, but still you should think about how to enjoy this wonderful project at least on Windows Vista.But the best option - it Windoiws 7, as it was under this system, and the game was developed.If you have already installed more advanced version of the operating system, then you can also have problems, but in most cases it works quite well.The only condition is that you definitely need to observe - is that your operating system has the appropriate bit.This game is not 32-bit OS, so you definitely need to have a 64-bit system to run the project.Incidentally, the exit is already preparing a draft Dishonored 2 system requirements which are much higher, so you do not immediately think of the maximum upgrade your computer.


By the software are no more questions, so it's time to move on to more important matters, namely, the component parts of the computer.First and foremost, pay attention to the processor.As you know, in the case of Dishonored 2 system requirements are much higher, but if you're targeting it to the first part, then you need to have a processor with two cores.The performance of each of them must not be below 3 GHz, it is best that it reaches at least 3.2 GHz.Only then can you play this game on your computer.As you can see, for Dishonored System Requirements on the PC it is quite clear and specific, but so far you have learned only minimal demands on the processor - now you need to pay attention to the recommended requirements.

Recommended by processor

Naturally, in this case two cores you will not do, so you should think about buying a processor, equipped with four cores.With this you can prevent a small drop in performance of each of them.The main thing was that the frequency of at least 2.4-2.6 GHz - in total, it will still be more than two cores of three gigahertz.Of course, in the case of Dishonored 2 System Requirements on the PC will be much higher, but now we are talking about the first part.And there will be enough just such a quad-core processor that this game runs on your PC and works perfectly.But if you just want to have fun, without achieving the best results in performance Dishonored, the minimum system requirements will be for you an excellent guide.


As you have already noticed, the system requirements for the game Dishonored are not particularly overpriced, as is the case in recent years, so it is likely you will not even have to make an upgrade if you buy a computerover the last five years.At least three gigabytes of RAM you have, most likely, already available, so you can not worry about that this game will not run on your computer.But you must understand that with such a memory you have to play on minimum settings that are not always bring maximum pleasure.Accordingly, be sure to consider the possibility of increasing the amount of RAM.How much you need to worry about the result?

Recommended by RAM

If you want to get maximum enjoyment from the game and did not experience any problems, then you should definitely consider the possibility of increasing the amount of RAM up to four gigabytes.The formal requirements is an indicator specified in the guidelines, so you have no reason not to believe the developers.4 gigabytes of RAM - and this game will run on your computer is just perfect.However, even though the amount of RAM and is the most important at the start of any game, you should not think that only the RAM determines everything.

video card

Naturally, you do not forget the card, since it is responsible for the way the game is displayed on your monitor.If you have too little video memory, the game simply can not start.Accordingly, you definitely need to check that your card has both a minimum of 512 megabytes of memory to play Dishonored was available for you to at least a minimum settings.But, as in previous cases, you, of course, is not to focus on the least.After all, you get a lot less fun if you do not see all the beauty that you have prepared for designers.

Recommended by

graphics card 512 MB of video memory - a very small requirements, especially for such an advanced game.But, as mentioned earlier, you are unlikely to be able to enjoy all the beauty of those who have been prepared for you, because if you try to unscrew the graphics settings to maximum, the game will start to slow down, or even to fly.Accordingly, you should make sure that your video card had the best memory - in this case, it is one gigabyte.This clearly you can afford, especially if you focus on what to use your computer to run more modern games.The card comes in second place in importance for running games after RAM, so always make sure that you have installed the current model with a sufficient amount of video memory and support for all modern services.

Hard disk

As for the hard disk space that you need to install and run the game on your computer, there is, of course, there is no division on the minimum and recommended requirements.The required volume is marked at once and very clear - you will need to have nine gigabytes of space on your hard drive so you can install it Dishonored.System Requirements (Windows 7 or Vista, dual-core or quad-core processor) can vary, but the free space on the hard disk are specific, so you have to release him anyway.