Fuel briquettes - an alternative source of heat

solving the energy problem hanging over humanity and the related lack of fuel, possibly through the use of alternative heat sources.One of them is waste wood processing industries and agriculture.You can pack into briquettes chips, wood chips and sawdust wood different breeds, husks of sunflower seeds, buckwheat, rice, straw, stems and leaves of sunflower, corn.This fuel is used for stoves, fireplaces and boilers, prdnaznachennyh solid fuel.

Features briquettes

Depending on a company's equipment was used for the production of briquettes, products have a distinctive shape and the everyday name - "Nielsen", "Nestro".Their quality depends on the quality of the equipment.Dear press creates high pressure at which the raw material is compressed to the limit and crush the product, they can be made larger - as a neat round logs.Conversely, from the cheap press, creating a low pressure coming out substandard products loose, turns quickly into fragments and crumbs.Externally, these small briquettes - short and thin, they are made of this form in order not to fall apart under its own weight.

Pini Kay - multifaceted cross-sectional briquettes with hollow hole inside.Their surface is covered with a dark crust.The parameters of these euro-fuelwood highest quality 5x20 cm or 6h25 see. They are made of press-extruder are high pressure and temperature that will burn the surface of the bricks, giving them the moisture resistance and high strength.The surface of the "Pini" hollow hole increased threefold.Due to this, they burn very nicely.They become those who are fascinated by the fireplace and enjoy the fire.These fuel pellets are more expensive than others.

Ruf-blocks of rectangular shape with dimensions see 6,5h9,5h15 made from pre-crushed chips or shreds, chips.The raw materials are not premeshivayut binders.Produced by a hydraulic press pressure reliably seals the wood particles so that the briquettes look monolithic.But "Rufa" can be made from wood dust - waste furniture production for grinding of plywood.Such wastes have formaldehyde resin during combustion dioxins - dangerous toxic substance.Appearance: Ruf-briquettes from dust plywood white, dense, fine-grained.

beautiful solution to the problems

Making fuel briquettes solves several problems.The first - the energy, the second - ecological: the liberation of the planet from waste disposal in the transformation of the life-giving warmth.Added to this is another plus.For some entrepreneurs, the production of fuel briquettes from sawdust and other energy-waste junk becomes a profitable business.Also use the stove or fireplace evrodrovami - a pleasure: they are lightweight, light mgnovennno, almost burned to the ground a bright fire on them no soot.