Air defense systems "Vityaz" - scheduled replacement of S-300P

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modern military strategy is based on the principle of preventive strike.This way of the outbreak of hostilities implies superiority in the first hours after the start.

achieve such a result is possible in the event that enemy aircraft destroyed on the airfields, communications centers destroyed, struck at the headquarters, paralyzed the power system.In other words, the success of any military campaign is due to air supremacy.

history of armed conflicts of recent decades demonstrates the priority importance of the protection of ground objects from a sudden air or missile attack.The events in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and other countries, the army which have been bombed and shelled, leave no doubt that the economies of the air defense system is too expensive.

Before the Army and Navy of the Russian Federation is the task of protecting the territorial integrity and economic interests of our country.The brutal lessons learned at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, forced to take care of the security of borders, regardless of assurances of peaceful foreign politicians who are no-no, and speak out about the injustice of belonging to one state of so many natural riches.

modern air defense complex "Vityaz", the production of which started at the Obukhov factory in St. Petersburg, is a further development of the range S-300 and S-400.Tactical and technical data from this sample at the moment were not disclosed, but some details announced by the plant specialists, provide a glimpse of what he is able to solve problems, not only the air but also the space defense.

medium-range air defense complex "Vityaz" designed and engineered Concern "Almaz-Antey".It is designed to replace stand today on alert systems S-300P.This does not mean that the latter are out of date, just wait for obvious reasons, such a provision should not be.

Altitude range goals that are able to capture, track and hit the air defense systems "Vityaz" is very wide - from ultra-low to high altitude.Radius corresponds to small and medium distances, which sets the hardware and software components of the high demands on performance (the shorter flight time possible, the less time is devoted to the decision).

air defense complex "Vityaz" is designed to protect various objects stationary bases.Rockets making up his arms, similar to those used PU-400.

Unlike the previous generation of air defense systems, formed the basis of Soviet air defense, modern mobile systems.Such a measure designed to reduce vulnerability to sudden "preemptive strike", for which the likely opponent can use medium-range missiles with a small flight time.

air defense complex "Vityaz" consists of a launcher mounted on eight-wheel chassis BAZ-command computing points and all-aspect radar.The time required for combat deployment, minimal.

In the next seven years, two thirds of the planned upgrade of air defense systems of the Russian Army.The development of air and space defense of the state will allocate more than 3 billion rubles, including the development and testing of the "Vityaz".PVO get these systems in the coming years.