How to choose an air gun?

safety of our streets has long been well-founded fear inspires so wear carrying pepper spray or air gun - the decision not only stimulated, but also reasonable.This need to create situations.

How to choose an air gun?

make such a purchase, good to listen to the advice of people who have already purchased such a weapon itself.

Airguns has long been popular among Russian citizens.Especially attractive make it two points:
• To purchase it does not require any special permission.
• Modern manufacturers try to give it the appearance that it is unlikely to immediately be able to distinguish from the real firearms.

But apart from these attractive things, there are all sorts of pitfalls that you should consider if you want to bail out the weapons could have at the right time.

about what air gun to choose the best to consult with the people who already have it.If you select this type of weapon is usually the buyer interested in his strength, accuracy, resemblance to its martial brother.Of course, another important factor is the price.She can tell you how to choose an air gun.It happens that it can be purchased for 3000-3500 rubles.

good quality different models of domestic producer "Aniks."In addition, it is also the most powerful of all the air pistols.And in appearance it can hardly be distinguished from combat "Browning".

To understand how to choose the air gun, you have to study the technical characteristics of each species you attract.
Same "Aniks" has a shop, which includes 15 balls.Additional convenience gives him self-cocking mechanism, it can be charged with gas from a container.The difference is relatively small and its weight - about a kilogram.

I want to say this about his property as security.Feed balls always activated irrespective of the position in which there is a weapon.To produce store was chosen plastic cylinder of carbon dioxide is inserted into the bottom of the handle and tighten the screws to fasten.Fuse has a very comfortable position above the trigger guard and block the movement of the trunk.

Weapons firm "Aniks" universal and suitable for any occasions.It can be used during rest and entertainment.Also, it is well suited for lovers of sports shooting.Knowledgeable people say that it can be transformed into an even more advanced version, but that's their secret.
People who are engaged in criminology, were tested this airguns.The machines were put dummy and shot from a distance of pneumatics about eight meters.The results stunned everyone.

How to choose an air gun so that it was not dangerous?

conventional bulbs air pistol and punched the glass was a mannequin at a distance of up to four centimeters.If we take into account the human life, then it is in line with average and serious injury, depending on which organs are affected.
So if thinking how to choose the air gun, then this fact is also worth paying attention to, because first of all you need a gun for the right time to save his life.