Kefir hair mask: to lighten hair, and their recovery

Almost every girl has faced disappointment after hair coloring.The desired effect is very difficult to achieve, especially if a repeated painting: paint layers are superimposed on one another, forming a darker shades.Well, when the initial result is large enough, and the difference in the number of colors does not have a special meaning for you.But for some women, this effect becomes a huge problem.Too dark color not fit all, and, in general, obviously adds extra years.

Today cosmetic companies vying to offer professional products for washing chemical dye.However, even sparing drugs is highly undesirable to use if you have thin, brittle and weak hair.Surely in such a case would have to wait until the paint will wash itself?Fortunately, we can use this tool as a hair mask.To lighten the hair and restore them suitable recipe using ordinary yogurt.This product contains lactic acid bacteria that are beneficial effect on the skin and scalp.

Kefir mask to lighten hair

There are many recipes of masks from yogurt.But the conventional product from the supermarket for our purposes, is ill-suited.Do yourself a foundation from which get a great hair mask.For clarification of hair we need fat raw materials.

So take whole milk, add the yogurt (half a liter of milk 10 hours. L. Yogurt), leave in a warm place for a few days.The finished base stored in the refrigerator no more than a week.

The simplest recipe - using the prepared base.This will be our hair mask.To lighten her hair only needs to distribute on dry strands, put on a hat and wrap bannuyu towel.To sustain such a mask is necessary for at least two hours.When you rinse agent with the hair, please note that the water jets are painted in a dark color.This means that the yogurt has done his job: part neutralized synthetic pigment.

Consider another recipe that will help solve the problem of too dark hair.This lemon kefir mask to lighten hair, reviews about the action which suggests that many of her liking.The juice of one lemon add 3-4 tablespoons.l.basics of homemade kefir.Then enter the following ingredients: Honey (1 ch. L.), Cognac (2 tbsp. L.) And one egg.All the components are mixed until smooth, and we get a homemade hair mask.To lighten the hair and restore their structure recommended by its repeated use.

fair to say that none of the people's prescription does not help fundamentally change the color of your tresses.In addition, this method provides easy clarification about 5-10 sessions.The expected result is the difference in colors only in a pair of tones.But if you're in no hurry, you try to minimize the harmful effects of chemicals and the dream of a healthy shine to hair, these recipes will fall at an opportune moment.