How to beam with "donut".

Hairstyle "Surround beam" is very popular in recent years.It is made and schoolgirls, and office workers and even business woman.It is extremely simple to implement, and no special skills to create it is not required.There are several ways to collect hair in a lush beam, in this article we will talk about, which involves the use of so-called "donut."

What you will need:

  • Thin gum.
  • Comb.
  • Invisible.
  • Foam "donut" or an old sock.

How to beam with "donut".Step 1

to create this hairstyle, you can buy a ready-made circle with a hole in the middle, or make it yourself.For this we need a sock.Naturally the one that you do not need.It is desirable that the color is not very different from the color of your hair.Take a sock and cut off his nose.Next, we turn to the material as long as it does not turn "bagel".

How to beam with "donut".Step 2

To start a good brushing her hair.

Creating hairstyles.Option 1

So, we're done, we start:

  1. Gather hair into a high ponytail and fix with the help of a thin rubber bands.
  2. on top of them smooth, that there are no "males" and the protruding strands.
  3. Raise the hair at the tail upright and tip threading in the "donut", begin to wrap around it.
  4. Then spread the hair on the "donut" and twists it down.
  5. hair at the same time should be evenly distributed throughout the area, "donut".

Perhaps the first time you do not get to do these manipulations, but after a couple of failed attempts, you can get a long-awaited beam.

How to make a nice bunch.Hairstyle Track 2

  1. combing hair and collect them in a high ponytail, fixing a thin rubber band.
  2. worn on the tail "bagel".
  3. Distribute evenly over the hair "donut."
  4. Top "donut" hair and put on another gum.
  5. tips of the hair, remaining outside the beam is twisted in flagella and wrap around the entire structure.
  6. fix an invisible strands.
  7. At the request can be put on top of any decorated gum or hairpin.

How to beam with "donut".Step 3

So, when the hair is wound on the "donut", and you got a bunch, it must be fixed with invisible at the base of the tail, that is, where there is gum.You also need to check that the hair tight to each other.If the "donut" is visible through the locks, close it with the other strands, that is spread evenly hair.Use varnish to keep hair for a longer time.With it, you can also "discipline" unruly and knocked out of the hairstyles strands.


Now you know how to make a bundle by using the "donut."Implementation of this hairstyle is quite simple, and the inexpensive over time, if it be accustomed.Sam "bagel" will cost inexpensive, the cost varies from 200 to 400 rubles.If you do not want to spend money, then use an old sock, which color will match the color of your hair.