What titmouse eating?

When autumn comes, we are seeing a very sad picture, as shoals of migratory birds leave their homes and go to winter in warmer climates.Their lack of food drives and impending cold.

titmouse-sisters with us winter and spring meet

Some birds remain.We can see them in the snow and the leafless trees with leaves.It is these birds stay with us.They delight us with a beautiful, bright plumage.In the cold season we can see a woodpecker, sparrow mischievous and, of course, beautiful, titmouse.On the last bird we'll talk.It seems that this birds all uneasy, she could find a meal to your liking.Although according to statistics, only one in ten blue-tits remain alive after frost.That's because these birds are warm-blooded (body temperature slightly above forty degrees).To keep it in the cold season, titmouse need more food.

Due to the lack of food, thermoregulation bird begins to function poorly.On how fed tit depends, live bird that night or not.

So in the cold season should help feathered survive.How?Of course, feed.And that eating titmouse in the winter season?Now we discuss this topic in detail.Upon learning this information, you can get feeders and pour into them the necessary food.

Power feathered beauties

What titmouse eat during the warmer months?This question can be answered immediately.Titmouse - is insectivorous birds.Therefore, the foundation of their diet - is, of course, insects.In addition, the birds eat the berries, fruit trees, and so on. D.

Let's go back to what they eat and sparrows titmouse winter.This is not a simple topic as it might seem at first glance.This case has its own characteristics.If you do not adhere to simple rules, we can not only help the bird, but, on the contrary, it hurt.

Is it possible harm feathered, feeding them?Unfortunately yes.It so say ornithologists.Due to the irregular feeding birds may develop a serious illness, it is possible that after such a "lunch" Poultry die.

What can not feed the birds, if you want to save their lives

birds like different food.For example, the sparrows prefer grain and titmouse - seeds.In winter, especially the need to monitor the quality of their food.

In no case do not give tits salty foods.All because birds which eliminates the system is not perfect, it can not cope with the salt that accumulates in the body of birds.Because of this happening poisoning, did not rule out deaths.

What titmouse eat and that they can be - it's two different things.For example, fried foods can also eat birds, but for them it is very harmful.Thus processed foods lead to liver disease.Birds also absolutely contraindicated millet.Millet, from which it is made, it is possible to treat the birds.But millet impossible due to the fact that when stored thereon formed toxic substances.Black bread (especially fresh) - is that also should not be given titmouse.This product can cause fermentation in the stomach and to volvulus.

What titmouse eat in the winter?And what you can feed them?

Here is a list of not very small.Sparrow titmouse fit grains: barley, cereals, wheat and sunflower seeds.Bread crumbs in a small number of excellent supplement the diet of birds.The large chunks of frost is not necessary to put the stick as tits can not peck them.

Such birds, in principle, are not tied to the people, can produce food without their help, but the truth, and treats from the never give up.The most preferred food - seeds.It is no secret that the titmouse eating fat.This food is good for the birds in cold days.If you want to feed tits this product, be sure to choose a piece of unsalted.Butter is also a small amount can be added to the diet of birds when it's freezing.

Cottage cheese, boiled egg, chopped on a coarse grater, a small piece of beef, a slice of apple (green) - all this is perfect for refreshments titmouse.Sprig of rowan berries or other bird like it too.

Help your neighbor - and it will help you, lured permanent assistants

Birds quickly get used to the places where they are fed.They consider their own.Even in the summer titmouse will not leave your site, will help combat the caterpillars and other pests of fruit trees.Over time, lured the birds will be your volunteer assistants on a regular basis.


conclusion Now you know that eating titmouse summer and winter.Let us in the cold season can help little creatures live to warm spring!When you are asked what they eat titmouse in the winter, you will be able to give a full answer.Be sure to tell us more about what it is not necessary to give the birds, so that their health is not affected.Carefully chosen to treat tits.