Excessive excitement or death of a dream Why children?

Surely the reader know that dreams come to us from the void.According to research of eminent scientists, they are the fruit of the brain.Therefore, to decipher them is not so difficult.Let's look at an example.Take the "extreme case", namely, to what children dream about death?You agree that such a vision will knock out of the rut of any normal person.Is that a sadist (with serious mental health problems) will remain untouched.But those are not interested in the person and to what children dream about death.And maybe do not remember the night visions.We will talk about ordinary people.

Should I panic?

This question does not arise in the minds of those who are trying to understand what children dream about death.Panic occurs spontaneously and agree reasonably.Such is the vision of terrifying.And I should think a little rest.At least remember the well-known folk wisdom that says that the bad dream is realized in good in reality.This thesis is not without reason.Grandmothers believe (and many experts) that the death of a dream reality promises a long, trouble-free life.So to think those who are trying to find out what dreams own child's death.Either mom or dad are subject to excessive fear of the child, or the subconscious gives the sign for the future.In any case, you should assure yourself that for alarm place in the mind should not be.Otherwise, the negative will slowly crawl from the mental screen in real events.By the way, a similar rule should be guided throughout.Why spoil your life misgivings, the more unreasonable?Better to read the wise authors sensibly understand, what children dream about death.Believe me, it is soothing and encouraging.

apply logic

You know, there's a simple, everyone knows the rule.Children in a dream means: the girl - a miracle (wonder), the boy - trouble.From this and we will make a start in his analysis.That is, recall the sex of a child who died before your eyes.Now, match it with the above interpretation.In reality you do not get that image of promises.That is the death of the girl says that plans for higher powers have changed.Surprise postponed indefinitely.If the boy lost his life, it is not necessary to take up the case.They will be neither successful nor any benefit.Ahead of you waiting period of forced inactivity.It is worth to wait, doing, for example, the acquisition of new knowledge or skills.Death of a child talking about the futility of trying to achieve a specific (material) goal.But the work of the mind is silent.

Why dreaming the death of a newborn baby?

There are very different philosophy of decoding images of loss of life.But it is also positive.It is believed that the death of a dream is the birth of something new reality.So it makes sense to revive the hope in my heart.Something quite unusual occur in your life and begin to develop.Agree, a cause for panic and depression are absent.So it should be understood the dream.Esoteric say that the soul has passed, "the ultimate test" and is ready to create, is, in fact, the process of birth.The inner world of the dreamer undergo may, at first imperceptible changes.Over time, they will be seen not only him but also others.In any case, the quality of life will be unstoppable change.Perhaps people will realize that much sooner to limit themselves in worldview, thereby closing the path of development.

Why dreaming the death of another child?

know, to deal with the likes of astral horrors is very cautious.Quite rare story may reflect future events.That is, you are given some information about the real danger to the concrete (even strangers) to the child.In this case it may happen trouble.You will not only witness to that.And you get the opportunity to rectify the situation is diametrically.Clearly, it pays to be vigilant when such visions.But it is much more likely to sleep does not mean anything.It reflects fears that live in the subconscious, carefully hidden in his own thoughts and beliefs.You are not afraid of accidents in childhood?Maybe the plot of the movie made such an impression that the horror for some time pursued a baby (which you have)?It is worth remembering and try to eradicate childhood fears of the soul.Experts recommend not to start deciphering sleep immediately.Wait.If after a few days the image is not erased from memory, then explore the available information, analyzing the events of his own life.With high probability it can be argued that the dream does not mean anything.He is a shadow of the past, forgotten experiences.

When should worry?

Such variations are also possible.Bad omen - seen an accident that led to the death of the baby.It is a sign of some kind of threat that really stands "behind you."Caution advised in everything.After all the trouble always comes from the other side, where it is not expected.In some cases, this dream indicates the probability of an accident or other accident, which a person becomes a victim of no fault of his.In any case, it makes sense to take a closer look around and do not look at the stars.Underfoot may refuse a deep hole!Although such a warning comes rarely.And by the way, it is a sign of special favor of higher powers.Do not forget to thank for his own guardian angel.He is doing his job well, just throws up such dreams!