Poisoner of Nadreva

100 years ago in the Hungarian village Nadrev formed a kind of syndicate killers, consisted solely of women.The exact number of victims is unknown, but according to unofficial data, those were more than three hundred.

nice summer day in 1911 Zsuzsa Olah husband preparing traditional Hungarian food - goulash.Unconventional in the goulash was that in addition to the usual meat and other ingredients it contains arsenic, the extracted 18-year-old Zhuzhoy of sticky tape for catching flies.Thus the young beauty, be forced to marry the old man's parents and husband to hate with every fiber of the soul, I wanted to get rid of him.This method is recommended widowed Olah appeared shortly before in Nadreve midwife Julius Fazekas.Fazekas's husband at the time disappeared, and you can guess how it happened.

elderly couple Zsuzsa Olah tasted cooked goulash young little wife died.Everyone in the neighborhood was considered a natural death of an old man, so no issues, no one came.

Thus began the activities of poisoners Nadreva and neighboring Tissakurta.However, after poisoning the wife Zsuzsa they Julia for three years were quiet, but in 1914 came from the shadows and began the production of "drugs" with arsenic (they are manufactured to order an extract from arsenic and belladonna), as demand for poison inNadreve Tassakurte and began to grow.Now, for a reasonable fee, any wife could send unwanted her husband in the cemetery without the hassles, the problems and asking questions.In men, old maids and mistresses, the couple did not take orders - they poison was intended initially only for the unloved husbands.However, later herb extract not only them but also other men, women and even children.And it lasted for 15 years, until 1929.


In October 1929, the administrative center of Szolnok police received an anonymous letter in which he said about the mysterious deaths of men in the villages and Nadrev Tassakurt.

police chief summoned the two clever slave - Bartok and Frieshku."Most likely it's just a joke - he said he had read the letter aloud. - But just in case a minute to go and check what it was."

In Nadreve Bartok and Frieshku first went to a local restaurant.It was at this time four local men.Police bought them wine, and after a couple of glasses began gently asking.As soon as they started talking about the deaths of the male population Nadreva men fell silent and the police saw the fear in their eyes.Speaking agreed to only one of the four.And then, he said only one sentence: "Go to our priest, he will tell you everything."

priest looked as scared as the rest.After the officers in the room, he first drew the curtains, and then said:

- We live here in the shadow of death.Without apparent reason, strong healthy men suddenly die.This spring, when his father died Ms. Szabo, it was rumored that they Zhuzhey Olah was poisoned.I went to Mrs. Szabo and asked her a series of questions.It is, of course, denied the rumors, but before I left, she treated me to a cup of tea.An hour later, I felt very bad.A fellow doctor, who came to me, I am sure that Ms. Sabo poison me.

cops looked at each other.I do not come down from the Father of the mind?

- You see gentlemen, - the priest continued.- In these villages there is no doctor or a police officer.All death certificates signed by a local paramedic, which accounts for Zsuzsa Olah close relative.

- Zsuzsa Olah - Bartok murmured.- This name is mentioned in a letter to our boss.

- In her face you will find a formidable opponent - said the Holy Father.- And if your visit will seem threatening to her, you die.Superstitious peasants are afraid of it and midwife Julius Fazekas.They believe that these women have supernatural powers, and as a midwife Fazekas and Olah - a nurse, they have access to almost every home.

- But why?- I asked in surprise Bartok - What's all this worth it?

- I believe that initially the killings were caused by the poverty of our unfortunate peasants.Persons with disabilities, the elderly, children were sometimes unbearable burden for our poor.Then it was the turn of drunks.who beat their wives.These people gradually disappeared.In these places, women led Olah and Fazekas took over.In these villages the women completely dominate.And the men are afraid for their lives.

- Since we're here, they have nothing to fear - said Frieshka.

fact that his statement was clearly overconfident, police realized very soon.When they came out from the priest, suddenly pierced the silence of a wild scream.Drew his pistol, law enforcement officers rushed to the restaurant, from which came the cry.

Frieshka suddenly stumbled and fell.It appeared that he tripped over the body of a man who advised them to go to the priest.The man, who by this time was already dead, turned out to be the uncle of Mrs. Szabo, attempts on the life of the Holy Father.

Since Uncle talked too much, niece decided to punish him and to warn the rest of the reckless action right under the noses of the police.

attendant, which brought the corpse, wrote in his report that the man died from alcoholism.Detectives it did not say anything, but they were totally convinced that the murder took place and decided to see to women-residents of the two supposedly quietest towns.

But surveillance has not given results and then Frieshka ventured on a risky step.He went to Szabo and right in the forehead, accused in the murder of her uncle.Caught by surprise woman he broke down and confessed not only to the crime, but also the murder of the father and the brother of his father, saying that the toxic extract to eliminate both she acquired a midwife Fazekas.In addition, it is named the Slayers several men including Olah.

Six women were arrested and taken in for questioning in Szolnok.There's Mrs. Szabo quietly made earlier refused recognition.She stated that the incriminated himself and the other ladies under pressure Frieshki.

house searches of women detainees yielded no results.In the absence of evidence, the police sent home all but Szabo.

And it is here that Fazekas has played into the hands of guards.On the night after his return to Nadrev she furtively slipped out of the house, not knowing that the whole village put the secret police patrols.Julia ran to warn selyanok-poisoners of those to keep his mouth shut and did not talk to the police.Bartok also quietly brought in a list of all those who attended the midwife.He was sure now that he has a list of poisoners.Police also concluded that it was time to "dig" on Nadrevskom cemetery to exhume the bodies of all men who have died in recent years.If they find traces of poison, the case can be sent to the court.

That night, Bartok went to the cemetery.There he was waiting for a surprise in the form of 13 women were present, among whom were Fazekas and Olah.Hiding behind one of the gravestones, the police closely monitored the activities of women.

When Olah took a shovel, Bartok thought surely they will dig up the bodies?But I soon realized that women have a cunning plan.Having hooked shovel headstone, Olah several movements freed him from the ground, and four other women caught him and carried to another grave.

Puzzled, Bartok watched as a tombstone with the grave and dug up and carried him to the tomb first.

And then the police realized what was happening.Women are not going to dig up the corpses.Their plan was more subtle and much easier feasible.They just changed places tombstones!

If Bartok did not find women for this, then the exhumation of the land would be removed not poisoned corpses and remains completely different people.And those that died a natural death, without any traces of poison.

But Bartok all seen and understood.With a police whistle to his lips, he whistled, calling on the scene of other police officers.Women are in a daze froze.Bartok, ran out of his hiding place, took aim at the poisoners and did not take them in the eye before the arrival of reinforcements and taking women into custody.

The next day the exhumation.The cemetery is located a temporary morgue.Doctors and experts from Szolnok worked day and night.Bodies with traces of arsenic, seemed to have no end.Among them was the corpse and child.A coffin Zsuzsa Olah second husband also died under mysterious circumstances, found a bottle with a thick syrup containing the deadly extract.

more hundreds of corpses preserved traces of arsenic.And that's just among the bodies buried in recent years solely Nadreve.But there were still poisoning Tissakurte and mass poisoning during the First World War.

At this point you should stop more detail.It was then believed to have been poisoned by most men.The fact that many residents then drafted into the army to participate in the First World War, and the villages located near the POW camp.Those without male attention married women began to go and see.They enjoyed an open relationship with the prisoners, and when angry, which became the front maimed and disabled husbands began to slowly return home, his wife, some prefer to get rid of them using drugs Fazekas and Olah.

According to the assumptions, overall poisoner sent to the light more than three hundred people.

During the investigation were arrested 80 women and two men.Many were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, eight - to be hanged, but only two were executed.Hanged would Fazekas, but before you mount the scaffold, she could commit suicide.

One was hanged Szabo, the second - widow by the name pálinka.Poisoning her husband, she calmed down and sent for two years in the same way to the light six other relatives - parents, two brothers, the wife of one of them and my aunt.After that, she was the only owner of the house and a good solid piece of land.

Palinka acted very sophisticated.First, she slipped a potential victim of a small dose of the drug, so that one had convulsions.Then he rushed to the city for the medicine.is.she said knowing tone, helps the candidate to the dead.And she did buy medicine, but it poured out into another container, and bottle of medicine pouring the mixture Fazekas.In front of witnesses, she gave a generous portion of the alleged victim brought from drugs, after which people go to heaven.

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